Case Study: RAM Consulting | Design & Project Delivery

The Company

RAM Consulting has been offering its design and construction management services to Canadian businesses for over a decade. Focusing mostly on the heavy civil and electric infrastructure sectors, their team has handled some of Canada’s largest projects, including upgrades to major highways and the replacement of pipelines. 

RAM’s primary business goal is to be the leading EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) company in Western Canada by 2024. They pride themselves on being forward-thinking and providing an elevated level of service. 

The Problem

RAM realized that in order to reach their goals, they needed a space that reflects their brand values and who they are as a company. Their previous space did not do that for them. Leadership felt they needed more space for their growing team, more access to natural light in the office, and a designated area where staff can go to rest and relax.  

RAM wanted a space that encompasses their company culture and an environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. In their previous space, there were not any offices or areas that could properly facilitate team discussions. Most employees were working in cubicles. 

Our Solution

The most important part of the solution is listening to the company and hearing what they want to change or improve. We listened to RAM about their company vision and values and we worked with that information to create a space that worked for their entire team.

Aura implemented a more modern, attractive design with lines and angles throughout the entire office. The carpets, walls, and furniture all coincided with each other to create a space that people are proud to work at. This new modern layout really reflects their values of innovation and thinking forward.  

Aura created flow between the existing space and new space. Rather than having cubicles that were inhibiting collaboration and open communication, Aura implemented open office areas with partitions that make it easier to work with your team members or other colleagues. 

Adding areas where staff can spend time together was key. Aura created a functional kitchen as well as a lounge area with a foosball table and comfortable couches. These spaces have become areas where staff connect with each other and it has greatly benefited company morale. 

The Results

Improved Culture 

Aura helped the team at RAM improve their company culture by providing staff with a space that encourages collaboration and communication with other employees. The replacement of the cubicles with a more open space has been valuable for staff. This open space with a modern design and more access to natural light has created a welcoming environment that their staff enjoys working in.  

Improved Productivity

Aura also created the right spaces to help facilitate discussions that promote innovation. Because they pride themselves on being a forward-thinking consulting firm, they needed a space that allowed them to openly discuss and brainstorm new ideas, concepts, and projects. Their new space allows them to do this easily. 

“The staff is benefiting from the new layout because it promotes communication but also because it really reflects our values of innovation and allowing open communication between employees,” RAM Principal and Partner Jeff Di Placito said.