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Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees With Your Office

It is always important to cater to your workforce with a quality office design. When folks wake up for work […]

Does your office convey your brand effectively consider these best practices

Does Your Office Convey Your Brand Effectively? Consider These Best Practices

Have you ever gone for a walk around the office to analyze if it has met your expectations? When you […]

Tenant improvement allowance

Tenant Improvement Allowance Negotiations: What You Need To Know

Gym’s offer free trial memberships in order to entice new patrons. Beer companies offer free t-shirts or hats as a […]

The economics of ergonomics selecting the right office furniture

The Economics of Ergonomics: Selecting the Right Office Furniture

Every company has a goal of supporting its workforce. The support comes in the form of paying salary and benefits […]

Lease negotiations

The Art of Lease Negotiations: 3 Essential Points for Tenants

The neighbourhood is perfect. The space is primed for business growth. The view is nice… You’ve found the ideal office […]

Millennial workplace blueprint

The Millennial Workplace Blueprint

Office design is crucial to the success of every business. You want a workplace that matches with your employee base. […]

Why a strong office design strategy is crucial in building customer loyalty

Why A Strong Office Design Strategy Is Crucial In Building Customer Loyalty

There are many reputable studies out there toting the importance and benefits of strong office design strategies contributing to employee […]

how to minimize downtime in an office redesign

How To Minimize Downtime in an Office Redesign

Undertaking an office redesign is a wildly exciting time for any business. A redesign, renovation, or even a reimagined layout […]

Mother nature is taking back the office

Mother Nature is Taking Back the Office

Modern society loves to ignore the fact that human beings are animals. We’re designed to interact and integrate with our […]

How office design can improve creativity

How Office Design Can Improve Creativity

Office design strategy is largely about efficiency, productivity, and how many employees can effectively and purposefully be placed in a […]