Charest Legal Solutions

Charest Legal Solutions

B.C.’s largest court reporting firm, Charest Legal Solutions, was ready to pull the trigger on a customized office design solution that would help the firm serve its unique purpose. Sympathizing with the long and difficult days its clients would endure when visiting the Charest office, the firm prioritized the need to avoid the typically cold look of court reporting firms and create a much more welcoming environment. The firm also intended for its renovation to help differentiate itself from its competitors with an elevated look.

An upscale yet inviting place for clients

In transforming the office into a more upper-class, client-friendly environment, Aura put on the white gloves throughout this project to provide complete service from initial strategy through to the fine details of completion. This involved revamping the lobby into a more expansive space with higher ceilings, neutral colours, and lighting upgrades. Washrooms were completely restructured to provide a more intimate, hotel-like experience. Usable meeting space was maximized by re-assessing the firm’s floor plan to incorporate a fully functional kitchen and a large meeting room. The new look of the office not only matches the company’s professional reputation but is also reflective of how the company thoughtfully chooses to treat its clients.



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