Disinfect Your Workplace

To help our community combat COVID-19, Aura is offering professional workplace disinfecting services to the Greater Vancouver area. Protect your staff by fostering a safe and clean work environment.

Post-COVID Workplace Program

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives, including how we work and where we work. It’s crucial to have a program in place to welcome back your employees when it’s time.

Refresh Your Office

Your staff may be feeling nervous as they return to the office. An office refresh will reassure them that they will be working in a safe and clean environment.

Custom Ergonomics Webinar

Aura is offering complimentary webinars to help companies better support their teams. Led by a leading ergonomics specialist, the webinar will be tailored to your team’s needs.

Forget the new normal, what will office spaces look like post-pandemic, the “next normal”?

As COVID19 appeared to completely disrupt our everyday lives, we were forced to revisit how we work and where we work. We’ve seen leading companies like Twitter welcome a whole new chapter by allowing employees the option to work remotely, part-time or even permanently. Other…

Rethink the workplace: How are we going to use the future office?

Society has learned more than they thought they would about themselves and about the world around them during this pandemic. In terms of the working world, the majority of people have realized that working from home creates a different work-life dynamic and have found creative…

Work-from-Home Ergonomic Tips

Are you wary about investing in a chair and desk? Maybe you’re thinking you’ll just suck it up for now until you go back into the office? According to Dr. Steach, who is backed up endless research and studies, there is a return of $17.80…

Health concerns and teleworking could change office design permanently

Article written by The Globe and Mail highlighting a conversation between Andrea Yu and Aura’s CEO Dan Boram. When there was a bug that entered into the office, it just seemed to pervade and go around,” Justin Thouin recalls. “It was an endless loop of…