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The Economics of Ergonomics: Selecting the Right Office Furniture

Every company has a goal of supporting its workforce. The support comes in the form of paying salary and benefits […]

The Art of Lease Negotiations: 3 Essential Points for Tenants

The neighbourhood is perfect. The space is primed for business growth. The view is nice… You’ve found the ideal office […]

The Millennial Workplace Blueprint

Office design is crucial to the success of every business. You want a workplace that matches with your employee base. […]

Why A Strong Office Design Strategy Is Crucial In Building Customer Loyalty

There are many reputable studies out there toting the importance and benefits of strong office design strategies contributing to employee […]

How To Minimize Downtime in an Office Redesign

Undertaking an office redesign is a wildly exciting time for any business. A redesign, renovation, or even a reimagined layout […]

Mother Nature is Taking Back the Office

Modern society loves to ignore the fact that human beings are animals. We’re designed to interact and integrate with our […]

How Office Design Can Improve Creativity

Office design strategy is largely about efficiency, productivity, and how many employees can effectively and purposefully be placed in a […]

5 Ways to Make Your Office More Sustainable

Remember the Three R’s from public school? They’ve never been more relevant as eco-friendly initiatives, recycling, reusing materials, and renewable […]

Commercial Interior Designs For Cutting-Edge Offices

Gauging the amount of widespread information available today may have you thinking office spaces must be metaphorical beehives — buzzing […]

5 Breakthroughs In Commercial Interior Design Technologies

The very first iterations of a so-called modern office were rolled out to the masses in the early 1900’s. Most […]