RAM Consulting

RAM Consulting

RAM’s old office space was unprepared for company expansion. It was in need of a new space that comfortably accommodated a workforce with the potential to grow by double if not more. It was seeking a renovation that would particularly keep its workers at the foremost on their list of priorities.

Allowing for both exponential growth and employee well-being

Aura handled RAM’s needs for rapid expansion and a worker-friendly environment in overlapping ways. Dedicated lounge areas not only added to the office’s footprint, but were situated and arranged in ways that would encourage easy communication and socialization between staff members. Unobtrusive but accessible placement of furnishings like couches and foosball tables erased the line between traditional meeting rooms and more relaxed social spaces. The wide variety of seating, desks, and tables gave off an uncluttered, versatile sense that work could be done just about anywhere in the office. With its myriad teams consolidated into the same space, the company’s ability to facilitate freer and wider communication between different groups has bolstered their workplace’s focus on collaborative empowerment. The lively, attractive new decor underscores RAM’s commitment to giving employees a welcoming place to work.



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