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An essential component of the Aura Integrated Experience is our discovery-centric design journey. We ask a lot of questions because we are naturally curious designers. Moreover, we want to understand what kind of office environment will best serve your needs. 


At Aura, the discovery sessions is our way of learning exactly what you want your space to look and feel like. We break down the intuitively complex process of office design into an enjoyable discovery experience to help clients clarify what they want. 

We’ll ask many questions that will help us discover your unique needs. All key decision makers and influencers are encouraged to attend and participate. And by the way, lunch is on us!


Then, the creative work begins. After reviewing the findings from the discovery session, our talented interior designers use their creativity, intuition and imagination to clarify the vision for your office. Our designers have a plethora of experience to draw on and are always immersed in the latest office design trends.


Once our research is done and the creative process is complete, it’s time for the presentation of your office concept. We’ll provide you with a link so you can experience your unique office environment in virtual reality.

Valentina Crobu, BFA, DID

Born and raised in Rome, Valentina brings a base of classical fine arts education from Italy and combines it with practicality to her Interior Design projects. Her first priority is to understand the concrete needs of her clients and combine those with a visual expression of their personality and brand that is at once timeless and unique. Throughout her career she has worked with architects on projects at YVR, entrepreneurs and local chains in the restaurant industry, and companies looking to boost productivity in their office workers while at the same time create a space that will impress their clients.

Maryam Attar

Maryam has a diverse artistic background, ranging from product design to residential and commercial interior design. She cites her experience working in design-build firms creating laboratories and offices as well as custom homes. Specializing in luxury interiors, Maryam draws inspiration from her client’s needs and makes their comfort a priority. She has a focus on sustainable production, utilizing the most of each space and creating work that is built to last.

Salma Siddiqi, DID

As a designer, Salma Siddiqi believes less is more and inspires to create an enticing space while being fully functional. It is with this belief Salma can captivate and bring your needs into reality, big or small. In doing so, she has had the privilege to graduate from The Arts Institute of Vancouver with Honours and receive the ‘Best In Show’ award.

Beverly Cunningham, DID

Beverly Cunningham has forged an enviable path in design throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Her determination to surprise and delight her clients with her innovative solutions to workflow issues while delivering beautiful interiors is proven time and time again in her growing portfolio of work. She is a master of tight timelines and is as equally skilled in concept sketches and finish boards as she is at full working drawings including millwork, elevations, floor plans, electrical plans, reflected ceiling plans, and furniture layouts.


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