Office Construction Project Management

Aura offers economical construction management services for design-build office interiors.

Construction Management

Aura offers economical construction management services for design-build office interiors.

Meet Ron Boram, Aura’s Senior Project Manager

“A successful workspace construction project is based upon migrating risk. Thorough upfront planning to avoid project-based risks, continual coordination with the design team and excellent execution to minimize the performance-based risks.”

Unlike the traditional design-bid-build approach, the Aura Integrated Experience is fixated on risk mitigation and efficiency. The Aura construction team is economical about delivering projects on-schedule and on-budget and conscientious about keeping you informed so nothing is unexpected.

Our construction process is the heart and soul of our success and we truly believe in partnering with our clients. As part of our philosophy, we believe that:

Client Communication Is Key in Project Management

Our proactive approach to client communication not only ensures you’re kept in the loop about progress on your project, but also means that your voice will be heard by our team through every step of the design-build process. Access up-to-date project schedule, drawings, project updates, photos and financial information with our online client dashboards.

Scheduling Deadlines Are Absolute

We create a comprehensive schedule that takes all key factors into consideration to ensure your office environment is delivered on-time. Then, we apply the pace and granularity of actions needed to meet those deadlines.

Project Management Budget And Cost Transparency Is Essential

You’ve fought hard to secure the funding to create a new office that everyone can be proud of. For that reason, we exercise strict oversight to ensure we’re managing project changes; scope creep; and resource coordination that can lead to unexpected budget changes.

Efficiency Should Not Compromise Quality

When it comes to quality, we believe that the lasting impression you make is the most important one. We’ve been around for generations and will always act in the best interests of our clients and honor our history.

Project Construction Safety is Number One

We set a high standard to keep our customers and employees safe at all of our job sites. We conduct regular safety meetings and job site audits to ensure that our strict safety standard is met and comply with all federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations.