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Maximize the use of space, reduce costs, and increase efficiency by up to 30% with our turnkey hybrid office design solutions.

Aura is a Vancouver-based, design-build company that specializes in office design and renovation. We transform offices into hybrid workspaces that increase collaboration, boost employee productivity and morale, and improve business operations.

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Over 1,000 unique design-build projects completed

Explore the turnkey services we offer for hybrid office design projects.

Hybrid offices are rising in popularity as the new normal means new structures and systems in the workplace. With more people working remotely or on flexible schedules, your office spaces need to adjust – and that’s exactly what Aura does best. We’ll work on projects from 5,000sq.ft. to 200,000sq.ft. and transform them into adaptable hybrid workspaces.

Develop expert work strategies

Aura is the leading workplace strategist in Canada, and we bring that expertise to your hybrid office design. A well-planned strategy can help your business anticipate and scale with growth, overcome adversity, and handle unknown factors. It allows your company to act with agility and support dynamic teams, leading to overall growth.

Reflect company identity in interior design

The interior design of your office spaces should reflect your company identity and values. Aura leads the way in redesigning office spaces for different industries. We create flexible solutions that adapt to your company’s work setup – especially when it comes to hybrid work schemes.

Deliver the best project results

Aura takes a unique approach to design-build construction and project delivery. We place emphasis on client communication and believe that efficiency should not compromise the quality of the end product. We are also committed to remaining on-budget and on-schedule while prioritizing employee safety.

Our Design-Build Approach to Hybrid Office Design

Aura’s approach to design-build rests on the foundation of sound interior design and balances functionality with aesthetic

Aura Office|Landing Page – Hybrid Office
Aura Office|Landing Page – Hybrid Office


Discovery is especially essential in designing hybrid office setups. Our Aura team will collect all the relevant information regarding your expected workflows and systems, including employee work patterns and leadership alignment.


After discovery, Aura will begin designing your workspace. We will conceptualize different layouts and colour palettes that match your company branding and hybrid work setups.


Once the design is final, Aura will actualize the project in 3D renderings so you can visualize how the space will look and feel. Throughout the process, our team will provide transparent budget reporting and risk management to manage expectations.


The final step in the process is delivering the end result of the project. Aura will implement the design and bring your hybrid office setup into reality, then help your team transition into the new hybrid work setup and layout that provides them a flexible, productive work environment.

Richard Buell Sutton

  • Industry: Legal Service
  • Space Type: Office
  • Square Footage: 16,500

Founded in 1871, Richards Buell Sutton is the oldest law firm in British Columbia and one of the oldest law firms in Canada. The new office is a deliberate departure from the company’s prior, more traditional organisational design. Richards Buell Sutton, with the help of AURA was able to make their space warm and welcoming with the addition of wood flooring and a fireplace area, while also displaying a high sense of quality in the details and finishes. To emphasise the company’s long history, timeless elements like wood, glass, and stone were chosen. Empty spaces were converted into more offices, ensuring that each employee had their own dedicated space, whether they work in-office full time or hybrid. Overall, this project is the perfect example of what can happen when deep roots and tradition meets modern elegance.

RAM Engineering

  • Industry: Engineering
  • Space Type: Office
  • Square Footage: 12,000

RAM needed to renovate its workspaces so they could accommodate the company’s expansion and help prioritize workforce well-being. Aura then designed lounge areas to encourage communication and socializing, and interspersed leisure rooms with business spaces. The overall feeling was that employees could work or take a break anywhere – and feel welcome in their own office.

Jiwan Dhillon

  • Industry: Accounting
  • Space Type: Office

Jiwan Dhillon wanted their office spaces to reflect their prestige as a top-tier accounting firm. Aura understood that the workspaces were just as much a part of the branding as everything else, and reflected Jiwan Dhillon’s identity in the design. The final scheme included cool-toned colours and soft whites for a classic, long-lasting style. There were also new rooms to establish employee privacy alongside amenities to boost productivity.

Aura really played a key role in choosing the style of our office, and picking the colours with us and the finishes. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to pull off something that looks professional yet warm and welcome. The design that Aura created is unique to RAM.

Ziad Boustany
Principal, RAM Consulting

Your creativity in conjunction with our brand requirements have been essential to the construction and design of our Vancouver Long View branch. Many times, you have exceeded not only my expectations, but have done so under some very aggressive timelines.

Glen Checkley
Facilities Manager, Long View Systems

Aura transformed our office so our clients see who we really are.

Sukh Dhillon
Jiwan Dhillon

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Every office has an Aura

Since 1976, Aura has prided itself on its expertise in designing offices that people can experience as well as work in. We provide optimal design solutions for a company’s needs – including creating flexible workspaces that adapt to hybrid office setups.

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Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in interior design, project management and construction. We leverage their expertise and specialized knowledge to develop custom workspace solutions designed to maximize quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about our services.
Feel free to have a look through!

What is a hybrid office? How does it differ from a traditional office?

A hybrid office is a workspace that combines on-site working and remote setups. This allows employees more flexibility in choosing whether they work in the office or in a remote location, depending on preference and need. A hybrid office model provides a balance between a traditional, collaborative office environment and an autonomous, flexible remote setup.

Hybrid office spaces differ from traditional ones since the hybrid model allows employees to work from places that are not on-site. They allow a business to scale operations more quickly while giving employees more agency and control over their work-life balance.

What are the benefits of a hybrid office design?

There are several benefits to having a hybrid office design, including:

– Flexible work setups for employees
– Improved employee well-being
– Retained opportunities for collaboration and conversation
– Reduced overhead costs (no need to rent large office spaces)
– Potentially increased productivity and satisfaction

How can your hybrid office design services help my business?

Our Aura design teams do exhaustive research and discovery in order to create unique and optimal solutions for your hybrid work setups. We customize every scheme to each company’s needs, ensuring that every hybrid office setup best suits your workflow and identity.

Here at Aura, we guarantee innovative and adaptive office layouts that mesh the traditional with the modern, resulting in flexible work environments that improve employee efficiency, productivity, and well-being. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and better outcomes for you and your business.

What are some of the most popular hybrid office design trends?

Hybrid office designs are fast gaining popularity as companies look to create work environments to support both on-site and remote work. A hybrid model offers the best of both worlds – opportunities to collaborate and communicate in person, while still allowing for flexible work arrangements.

Some widespread hybrid office design trends include leveraging technology in collaborative spaces, such as interactive whiteboards and VR imaging. Then there are customizable and adaptable workspaces that can transform from one use or another – such as from a breakout room to a lounge area. Additionally, hybrid offices often offer both private workspaces and more open setups.

Hybrid offices also incorporate elements such as natural light and green spaces to support employee well-being. They also feature ergonomic furniture and adjustable seating to ensure comfort.

How much do hybrid design services typically cost in Vancouver?

The cost to design a hybrid office setup will vary depending on the parameters of the project. Pricing has 3 general categories: good, better, and best. Then you can have either warm or cold spaces to renovate – cold spaces are unused, with no fixtures, while warm spaces had previous tenants.

Good pricing (basic renovation) for warm spaces is $60-90 per sq/ft. Better pricing (elevated renovation) for warm spaces cost $100-150 per sq/ft. Best price (top tier renovation) is $160-210 per sq/ft.

Cold spaces will cost 30% more than warm spaces due to installation of HVAC systems, electrical wiring, and other systems.

 Catch the wave of hybrid office setups

Get the best out of both traditional office spaces and remote work arrangements for optimal end results.

Aura provides tailor-made design solutions for your hybrid office models. We create flexible workspaces that adapt to the needs of you and your employees, whether that be on-site collaboration or off-site work integration. Through our hybrid office designs, you’ll be able to boost employee productivity and well-being, leading to better results and outcomes for everyone.

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