Every Office Has An Aura


au·ra /awr-uh/ A Distinctive Atmosphere of Energy

Who We Are
Clean Lines Modern
Revamp an old tired reception desk with new materials.
Meet "Toby" the office mascot and office greeter.
Mixing wood finishes can make any office space design more interesting.
Faux panels are the quickest and easiest way to add the look of urban concrete to your walls.
Increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence by simply adding plants to your workspace.
Use acoustic ceiling tiles to tame office noise in an open office environment.

Discovery-Centric Design
is the Aura Difference

Meet The Team
Clean Lines Accent
Add throw pillows to built-in seating to inexpensively update the look of the space.
Mix it up! Use ceiling tiles and drywall ceilings to add visual interest to a small space.
Laminate panels offer the best protection from external sources this product look nice & is totally maintenance free.
Triple your space! Use your island as a table, office break room or informal meeting area.
Luxury Vinyl Plank is so realistic that even the biggest critics can't tell the difference.
Seamlessly smooth floor transitions are respectful to wheelchair users and allow for creative flooring pattern solutions.

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Every Office has an Aura
Bright Urban Texture
Open ceilings increases the height of the room to make it feel more spacious.
Enhance the beauty of the existing building by adding rustic elements.
Concrete floor can be a more pet-friendly flooring option.
The new stair's aesthetic feels true to the building's history.
Darts anyone? An informal meeting place to exchange ideas between departments and teams.
These eye catching exposed mechanical and electrical systems provide an industrial vibe.

We’re Here to Design, Build and Furnish Your Workplace

How We Build It
Relaxed West Coast Tactile
With the use of a mezzanine, your warehouse will double its functionality without interrupting your floor space.
Designing to allow for adequate space for the installation of these sizable fermentation tanks.
We rescued these artisan-like wood beams and refined their look for custom design.
Carefully choosing differently textures & tones can reduce the maintenance costs of commercial spaces.
Your brand isn't just your logo or website. It's the attitude and personality of your company.

With 1,000+ Projects, We Are Vancouver’s Top Design, Build and Furnish Company

What Clients Say
Focal Point Natural Traditional
Borrow ample daylight from the perimeter windows, it allows clients to feel welcomed
The view from an office windows is rarely the stuff of picture postcards. But look what Vancouver has to offer!
Give the impression of more space. Consider a unique pattern for your carpet and continuing it throughout the private offices.
Keep traditional pieces of furniture, such as this reception desk, and add modern elements.
Use technology to modernize a traditional space. Modernized blinds are used to help create privacy.

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