The Power of Place: Enhancing The Employee Experience Through The Physical Environment

Date: June 4 / 12-1pm
Learn from: Robin Rosebrugh, Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist

In a world where the lines between home and office are increasingly blurred, understanding the connection between our physical environment and behaviours has never been more crucial. Our environment shapes productivity, focus, team dynamics, decision-making, culture, belonging, and well-being. As businesses evolve in the post-pandemic era, how can HR professionals harness this knowledge to create workspaces that foster growth, enhance performance, inspire connection, and foster employee satisfaction?

In this webinar, we’ll explore the powerful intersection of workplace design and human behaviour. Discover strategies to create spaces that encourage collaboration, innovation, and emotional connection, making the commute worth it for your team. Don’t miss this opportunity to reimagine your company’s employee experience through the transformative potential of the physical environment.

Let’s redefine work, inspire collaboration, and boost employee satisfaction!

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Robin Rosebrugh - Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist

As a Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist, Robin leverages a multidisciplinary background in science, design, and organizational psychology to improve the work environment. Holding a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Science from UBC, and additional certifications in sustainable building and interior design, she is well-equipped to understand the intricate relationship between human behaviour and the built environment. Passionate about staying at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, Robin continuously updates her education and applies data-driven insights to support organizations in optimizing their workspaces through evidence-based research and strategic planning, ultimately fostering enhanced well-being, productivity, and employee satisfaction.