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Modernize your office environment with Aura’s award-winning designs. Drive productivity by creating spaces that foster collaboration and innovation. Inspire success and elevate your team’s well-being with workspaces that resonate with your brand’s vision and values.

Aura’s team has delivered over 1,000 unique design-build projects to successful clients in Canada.

Unlock Your Workspace’s Potential

Discover design and build solutions tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Let’s transform your vision into reality.

Over 1,000 unique design-build projects completed

Aura’s Unparalleled Benefits

Experience the pinnacle of commercial interior design, uniquely crafted to
elevate every facet of your business.

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Bespoke Design Solutions

With a proud portfolio including Harper Grey, Destination Vancouver, Westland Insurance, and Eventbrite, our custom designs set the gold standard.

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Future-Proof Spaces

Stay ahead in a dynamic corporate world. Our strategic workspace planning prioritizes people, ensuring your office remains flexible and innovative.

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Streamlined Experience

Central to our philosophy is a design journey driven by discovery. Our holistic and empathetic approach guarantees flawless delivery of your design-build project.


What Our Clients Say

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We chose to work with Aura because of their great design and very cost-effective solution.

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Experienced People that know they have to deliver on timeline and budget, they will exceed your expectations.

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Aura was instrumental in facilitating the right conversations to understand our vision.

– Trevali Mining Corporation

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The design team did an amazing job incorporating our culture and values into all components of the design.

An Innovative Design-Build Company

Aura Office is dedicated to creating engaging workspaces where teams perform their best. Established in 1976 by the
Boram family, Aura has evolved into a trusted, complete turnkey solutions provider, supplying clients with strategic
information to design and build industry-leading workplaces that foster connection, collaboration, and innovation.

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Experience and Expertise

With over 1000 unique and successful design-build projects, our track record speaks for itself.

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Holistic Design

Beyond aesthetics, we focus on functionality, employee well-being, and enhancing your brand’s image.

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Tailored Solutions

We understand every business is unique, and so should its workspace.

With over 1000+ projects completed, view some of our latest creations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about our services. Feel free to have
a look through!

How does Aura Office stand out among other commercial interior design firms in Vancouver?

Aura Office is distinguished among other commercial interior design firms in Vancouver for its holistic, people-centric approach. Every space designed by Aura embodies a profound sense of care. Whether it’s an office corner or a communal area, Aura places human well-being at the center of its creations.

What strategies are employed in Aura Office's commercial office interior design to boost employee productivity?

Our commercial office interior design strategies prioritize creating an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and focus. By integrating modern office interior design elements with practical spatial planning, we ensure that the workspace caters to the diverse needs and workstyles of your team, thereby boosting productivity and satisfaction.

Learn more about Aura Office’s Integrated Experience.

How does Aura Office ensure a corporate office design reflects a company’s culture and values?

Aura Office meticulously crafts corporate office designs that mirror a company’s culture and values by engaging in a comprehensive discovery-centric design journey. We dive into understanding your company’s unique ethos, operational needs, and future aspirations to create a space that authentically represents and enhances your corporate identity.

How does Aura Office approach interior design for commercial spaces to ensure optimal space utilization?

Aura Office approaches interior design for commercial spaces with a keen focus on optimal space utilization. We employ a workplace analytics tool called Pivvot combined with expert insights to create designs that maximize the functionality of every square foot. We ensure that the space is efficiently utilized while providing a conducive environment for varied work activities.

Learn more about Pivvot-Workplace Analytics.

What unique approaches does Aura Office take towards three storey office building design?

Aura Office integrates innovative and strategic planning in three storey office building design, ensuring each floor optimally supports the varied work-style personas and operational needs of a business. Our designs prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and future-proofing, creating a harmonious and productive environment across all levels.

How does Aura Office’s workplace interior design facilitate a positive workplace experience?

Aura Office’s workplace interior design focuses on creating spaces that facilitate positive experiences by ensuring comfort, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. We create environments that support varied work activities, enhance collaboration, and ensure individual focus, thereby contributing to a positive and engaging workplace experience.

What makes Aura Office a preferred choice for office interior design in Vancouver?

Aura Office is a preferred choice for office interior design in Vancouver due to our integrated approach that prioritizes people and operational needs. From initial sketches to the final touch, each project is strategically crafted to enhance the workplace experience, productivity, and culture. Our multidisciplinary team brings unmatched expertise and passion, crafting engaging environments that inspire.

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