Gulf & Fraser


A member-owned financial institution and among the largest credit unions in the province. Gulf & Fraser recently opened a new branch in Mission, BC.



Gulf & Fraser

A member-owned financial institution and among the largest credit unions in the province. Gulf & Fraser recently opened a new branch in Mission, BC.



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Mission, BC


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2,550 sf


Gulf & Fraser, a prominent credit union in British Columbia, has experienced exponential growth through multiple mergers in recent years. As part of its expansion strategy, the Gulf & Fraser Mission Branch was established to provide full-service banking solutions to its customers. Aura, an innovative design and construction firm, has been a key partner for Gulf & Fraser, having designed and built over ten branch locations since 2014.

Project Scope

The Gulf & Fraser Mission Branch is envisioned as a comprehensive financial facility catering to diverse customer needs. With an emphasis on providing exceptional service and fostering meaningful connections, the branch incorporates various innovative features:

Interactive Wall

A central design element featuring a mega screen displaying marketing material, visible from the exterior to attract passersby. The screen doubles as a platform for hosting financial seminars and presentations and is equipped with a clickshare unit and HDMI cable for seamless connectivity.

Tech Table

Positioned in front of the Interactive all, the tech table serves as a collaborative space for 6-8 individuals. Its elevated bar height design facilitates short-term working sessions for employees and encourages casual interactions with members.

Meeting Room

The branch includes a spacious meeting room with glass fronts, accommodating up to 6 persons. This multipurpose space is accessible after hours as a “community room,” equipped with conference facilities and a TV screen for presentations. It is ideal for staff meetings and client consultations.

Member Lounge

Designed as a comfortable waiting area, the member lounge features lounge-style seating, a coffee station, and ambient lighting. It provides a relaxed environment for employees to engage in informal conversations with customers, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.



By integrating cutting-edge design elements and functionality, the Gulf & Fraser Mission Branch embodies Gulf and Fraser’s Service’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. The facility not only facilitates banking transactions but also serves as a community hub, fostering meaningful interactions between staff and customers. Aura’s expertise in design and construction has played a pivotal role in realizing Gulf & Fraser’s vision for modern financial environments.

The Gulf & Fraser Mission Branch is a testament to the successful collaboration between Gulf and Fraser, and Aura, demonstrating how innovative design principles can enhance customer experiences and drive business growth in the financial sector.


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