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Aura is a Vancouver-based, design-build company. We make your workspace more functional, efficient, and inviting for everyone.

Aura’s team has delivered over 1,000 unique design-build projects to successful clients in Canada.

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Over 1,000 unique design-build projects completed

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Aura works with a diverse range of clients, spanning law firms to rapidly expanding tech companies, and specializes in optimizing office spaces ranging from 10,000 sq/ft to 200,000 sq/ft. Our transformative approach involves redesigning spaces that are distinct and reflect your company’s unique identity. Our team works with each client to ensure a tailored and exceptional outcome that align with the unique requirements of each workplace.

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Renovate Your Workspace for a New Look

Refresh your office without the hassle. We can renovate and enhance your existing workspace by replacing furniture, polishing up surfaces, and adding aesthetic features. Up to 87% of employees want better workplaces – and a newly-renovated office can create an organized, productive environment for them to thrive.

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Remodel Your Office to Improve Workflow

Besides renovation, you may opt to remodel your office to better suit your workplace systems and purposes. Remodeling involves anything from changing the workspace layout to improving workplace wellness through new lighting and air-conditioning systems. Our remodeling services will take your existing spaces and rework it to improve workflow and efficiency.

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Convert Old Spaces into a Whole New Workspace

There are times when it’s necessary to completely change the purpose of an existing space and convert it into something new. As an integrated design-build company, we can help you repurpose your space for new uses, teams and even departments. This can involve structural alterations and system installations. It also offers more flexibility versus renovation because you can customize a space for specific needs.

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Our Design-Build Approach to Office Renovation

Aura’s approach focuses on risk mitigation, construction safety, and efficiency, delivering projects on schedule and
budget, placing high importance on keeping clients informed so that nothing is unexpected.

Aura Office|Landing Page: Office Renovation and Remodeling
Aura Office|Landing Page: Office Renovation and Remodeling


Here at Aura, we begin with the discovery phase – establishing leadership alignment and understanding the systems in which your employees work best.


After discovery, we begin the design phase. Here, our team creates the refreshed look and feel of your new space by testing several master schemes and palettes based on learnings from staff assessment.


From there, Aura develops the design to actualize the project in 3D renderings and virtual reality. We also provide progressive budgeting and risk management to manage your expectations.


Once design and development are complete, the final step is to deliver the renovation project and bring it to life. Aura will revamp your office and make the renovation a reality, then prepare your team for a seamless transition into new spaces where they will be more productive, creative, and happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about our services. Feel free to have
a look through!

What are the benefits of an office renovation?

An office renovation can significantly enhance the working environment, providing a fresh, vibrant, and motivating atmosphere for employees. A well-thought-out renovation improves the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the workspace, ensuring that it not only meets the operational needs of the business but also provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for the team. Upgraded spaces, modern furnishings, and technologically equipped meeting rooms can boost employee morale, productivity, and facilitate smoother operations, contributing positively to the overall company performance.

Moreover, a renovated office space becomes a tangible reflection of a company’s brand, values, and culture, which can leave a lasting impression on clients, visitors, and potential talent. Implementing energy-efficient solutions and ensuring adherence to health and safety standards not only aligns the business with sustainability practices but also ensures a safe and healthy working environment. In essence, office renovations, while enhancing the visual appeal, also play a pivotal role in optimizing space utilization, improving employee well-being, and aligning the physical environment with the company’s strategic objectives.

How can I maximize the impact of an office renovation?

Maximizing the impact of an office renovation involves a strategic blend of aesthetic enhancements, functional improvements, and alignment with organizational goals. Aura Office will help you engage in a comprehensive workspace strategy and space planning process that not only addresses immediate requirements but also anticipates future needs and potential changes in work patterns.

Aura Office ensure that the renovation reflects and reinforces your brand, utilizing design elements that communicate your company’s values and culture. A well-executed office renovation, which balances aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency and forward-thinking design, will not only enhance the day-to-day experiences of your employees but also positively impact client perceptions and your overall business operations.

What are the most popular office renovation trends?

The most popular office renovation trends are increasingly leaning towards creating spaces that are adaptable, employee-centric, and imbued with elements that enhance well-being and productivity. Flexible work models have significantly influenced recent trends, with designs focusing on facilitating both collaborative and independent work. Spaces are being crafted to support virtual and in-person interactions seamlessly, ensuring that remote and on-site employees can work together effectively. Additionally, incorporating biophilic design elements, which bring aspects of nature into the workspace, is gaining traction for its ability to enhance aesthetic appeal and employee well-being.

For a deeper dive into specific aspects of modern office design, consider exploring the following resources: Essential Features Every Modern Boardroom Should Have, Introducing Hospitality Design into the WorkplaceDesigning for the Hybrid Work Environment &  2023 Workplace Design Trends Report

What services Aura Office provide for commercial office renovation?

Aura Office provides a complete design-build solution for your commercial office renovation which includes workspace strategy, space planning, design conceptualization and construction management. We ensure that the renovation enhances both the aesthetics and functional aspects of your commercial office space.

What considerations are made for construction management during a workplace renovation?

During a workplace renovation, construction management involves considering factors like timeline management, resource allocation, budget adherence, quality control, and ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing workplace activities. It ensures that the renovation project is executed smoothly, adhering to planned specifications and organizational goals.

How does workplace renovation enhance employee experience?

Workplace renovation enhances employee experience by melding aesthetic appeal with functional support, thereby boosting morale and productivity. Thoughtfully redesigned spaces cater to various work styles, integrate the latest technologies, and embody the company’s values that can fostering a positive and efficient work environment. This tangible investment in the workspace signals to employees that their well-being and work experiences are valued, promoting enhanced engagement and satisfaction.

What role does construction management play in office renovation design and execution?

Integrated project delivery with a focus on construction management plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the office renovation is executed efficiently, on time, and within budget. Aura Office’s integrated approach allows for one point of contact (the project manager) coordinating with various stakeholders, managing resources, overseeing construction activities, and ensuring that the renovation adheres to the planned design and quality standards.

Can Aura Office accommodate commercial space renovation for varied business types?

Yes, with over 35 years in the business, Aura Office has successfully completed over 1,000 unique design-build projects across various business types like, law firms, tech companies, head offices, higher education institutions, non-profit organization, government and professional services, and many more. We tailor our renovation strategies to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements pertinent to each business type.

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