Our Design
Build Approach

Aura’s approach to design-build rests on the foundation of sound interior design and balances functionality with aesthetic.

Our Design
Build Approach

Aura’s approach to design-build rests on the foundation of sound interior design and balances functionality with aesthetic.

Aura Integrated Experience

An essential component of the Aura Integrated Experience is our discovery-centric design journey.
Businesses are becoming more aware of the effect that environment has on peoples’ psyches. At the core of our company lies
the Aura Integrated Experience. Our unique approach delivers a seamless execution of your design-build project. It is a process
founded on holistic thinking and empathy. We understand that a company is only as good as its people.


At Aura, the discovery phase involves establishing leadership alignment and finding out how and where your people work best.

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Leadership Alignment: Successful top-level alignment improves cross-organizational outcomes. That is why, at Aura, our process begins with leadership alignment to ensure effective scenario planning while navigating the change that comes with a project.

Staff assessment: Using Pivvot, our data driven people analytics tool that that helps predict how individuals will operate in the future based on an in-depth assessment.

Scenario Planning: With the information from your audit, Aura will assemble a plan that factors in a number of different scenarios and situations to best fit your current approach and growth plans.

Local Inspection Tour: Aura will analyze your shortlist of office locations and uncover the pros and cons of the workspace condition.


Following discovery, the creative work begins. The design stage dives deep into the look and feel of your space by producing a master palette and testing varying layouts based on learnings from staff assessment.


Workspace Plan and Test Fit: With our in-depth understanding of your strategic plan, our design team will create several options of space plans and layouts for your new office location.

Visioning session: During a visioning session, we use our proprietary approach to produce design concepts and a master design palette that encompasses the space’s ideal mood, look, and feel.

Integral Components: Adaptable tech, workspace construction and layout, visual identity, safety measures, eco-friendly money savings, and employee socializing are integral to you office environment.


The develop phase allows you to manage project expectations and actualize your project in virtual reality.


Design Development: Aura provides progressive budgeting and risk management to ensure your expectations are thoroughly managed.

3D Renderings: Check out 3D renderings of your space and visually see practical aspects of the design like furniture, light fixtures, and featured elements to get a better sense of the mood and atmosphere. Check out this link!


Following the completion of the discovery and creative processes, the final step is to bring the design to life and prepare your team for a seamless transition to the new space where they will be more productive, creative, and happy.


Informed Project Team: To keep your team informed throughout the delivery phase by giving full access to live project dashboards. This dashboard gives your team an overview of everything, from calendar updates, financials, progress photos and detailed project data.

Change Management: As the project moves from concept to completion we work with your HR department to undergo change management to prepare your team for the transition to a new office setting.

Workplace Policies & Training: Aura will work with you to identify appropriate policies for your company in order to familiarize your team with the expectations of a new office.

Workplace Solutions Powered by Pivvot™

Aura’s workplace strategy process is powered by Pivvot, a robust software solution that is powered by personas.
Rooted in the belief that the only constant is change, Pivvot helps businesses maintain connections,
collaborate, and solve problems easily, whether right next to each other or through a screen.

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