Aura’s approach to design-build rests on the foundation of sound interior design and balances functionality with aesthetic.

Our Design-Build Approach

Aura’s approach to design-build rests on the foundation of sound interior design and balances functionality with aesthetic.

Aura Integrated Experience

An essential component of the Aura Integrated Experience is our discovery-centric design journey.
Businesses are becoming more aware of the effect that environment has on peoples’ psyches. At the core of our company lies
the Aura Integrated Experience. Our unique approach delivers a seamless execution of your design-build project. It is a process
founded on holistic thinking and empathy. We understand that a company is only as good as its people.


At Aura, the discovery session is our way of learning exactly what you want your space to look and feel like.

Discover our Strategy


Discovery Workshop: Aura’s experts will lead a discovery workshop intended to uncover your company’s long-term vision, goals and biggest challenges.

Staff Survey: With the information from your audit, Aura will assemble a plan that factors in a number of different scenarios and situations to best fit your current approach.

Local Inspection Tour: Aura will analyze your shortlist of office locations and uncover the pros and cons of the workspace condition


Then, the creative work begins. After reviewing the findings from the discovery session, our talented interior designers clarify the vision for your office.


Workspace Plan and Test Fit: The workplace strategy drives the entire design process steps— and design is where it all comes together.

Integral Components: Adaptable tech, workspace construction and layout, visual identity, safety measures, eco-friendly money savings, and employee socializing are integral to you office environment.

Design Concept: At Aura, we use our proprietary approach to develop design concepts. We also provide detailed budgeting direction to ensure your expectations are managed.


Once our research is done and the creative process is complete, we’ll provide you with a link so you can experience your unique office environment in virtual reality.


Change Management: Once your plan is complete, we use change management to ensure your new workplace strategy is delivered.

Open Communication: When you train your team to use the workplace properly, this helps optimize their work experience and increase productivity.

Workplace Policies: Aura will work with you to identify policies appropriate for your company in order to familiarize your team with the expectations.

Workplace Solutions Powered by Pivvot™

Aura’s workplace strategy process is powered by Pivvot, a robust software solution that is powered by personas.
Rooted in the belief that the only constant is change, Pivvot helps businesses maintain connections,
collaborate, and solve problems easily, whether right next to each other or through a screen.

Photo Approach

Get the most out of your workplace

A well-planned workplace strategy can be the blueprint to future-proof your business growth.