Our Services

Aura offers a complete turnkey solution to accommodate your unique needs.

Turnkey Solutions for Design-Build

Every good design-build begins with a strong plan. Aura provides strategic workspace planning and consultation to ensure your office is future proofed. We’ll help you optimize your existing square footage and make the most of what you have available.

Real Estate Advisory is more than just finding you an office–it’s about finding a community your team will thrive in. Whether you’ve outgrown your space or it’s no longer available, Aura will find you a community that promotes innovation from within.

The Aura interior design team are passionate about creating office environments that improve talent retention by celebrating and enhancing your unique company culture. Our approach is steeped in empathy so we can learn how your team works and deliver a space that will exceed your expectations.

With 30 years experience, Aura offers seamless and transparent construction management. The Aura construction team is economical about delivering projects on-schedule and on-budget while keeping you informed so nothing is unexpected.