Aura Office is an innovative design-build company with over 47 years of experience helping companies reinvent and revitalize their workspaces to improve culture, productivity, efficiency, and the employee experience. With a purpose to positively impact people and a vision to create engaging workspaces where teams can perform their best, Aura stands as a turnkey provider for comprehensive solutions.


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Redesign your office space with the comforts of home and watch your team thrive

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Redesign your office space with the comforts of home and watch your team thrive

May 13, 2024

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How to get people to actually enjoy being in the office

January 9, 2024

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On Maximizing the In-Office Experience for Employees in 2023

September 27, 2023

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The Future Of Office Spaces: Embracing Cutting-Edge Design Trends


The Future Of Office Spaces: Embracing Cutting-Edge Design Trends

By Dan Boram

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Greg Wooster article on Work Design Magazine

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Making the Workplace the Destination of Choice

By Greg Wooster

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Dan Boram article on Forbes - Jun 2023


Office Planning In Uncertain Times: Three Steps To Evaluate Your Needs

By Dan Boram

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Design Highlights

Westland Insurance

60,000 sqft

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Xenon Pharmaceuticals

31,000 sqft

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Richards Buell Sutton

16,500 sqft

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aura Office's purpose and vision?

At Aura, we are unified in our purpose to positively impact people. We do this in two ways, the first is through our profession and vision to create engaging workspaces where teams perform their best. The second is through our volunteering efforts and giving where we live initiatives.

How does Aura Office differentiate itself in the office design industry?

At the heart of Aura is our integrated design-build approach which collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all parties involved to optimize project results and maximize efficiency through all phases. Our approach is founded on holistic thinking and empathy because we understand that people are at the heart of every company’s success.  

What are some of the key trends Aura Office is observing in workspace design?

Aura’s accomplished design team consistently engages in market research and collaborates hands-on with world-class companies to craft bespoke design solutions. Some noteworthy interior design trends we’ve observed include: 

The Office as a Destination: Going beyond simply providing a great working environment, workplace design should address the physical, cultural, and social needs of teams. This approach results in a comfortable setting that surpasses what employees may have at home or in other third spaces.  

Health and Wellness Focus: Prioritizing the well-being of individuals through the incorporation of elements such as natural light, biophilia, and amenities geared towards promoting health and overall wellness. 

Flexibility and Choice: Recognizing the importance of offering a diverse range of work settings within the workplace. Whether it’s open workstations, private booths, or virtual meeting rooms, employees require a spectrum of choices to suit different work styles and preferences. 

What is the background and experience of Aura Office's leadership team?

  • Dan Boram, CEO: Dan’s involvement in the design-build world began at a young age with regular exposure to his father’s long-standing career in construction. Discovering a disconnect between clients, interior designers, and project managers, the Boram family started Aura in 1976. As an integrated design-build firm, Aura helps to bridge the divide merging strategy, design, and execution together to bring workplace visions to life through a unified and streamlined process. 
  • Veronica De Verneuil, Director of Design: Veronica is a certified Interior Designer with Project Management skills and a passion for Design-Build. With over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in commercial, hospitality and retail spaces. She specializes in Commercial spaces and brings a strategic mindset, diligently solving challenges throughout a project.  
  • Greg Wooster, VP of Workplace Strategy and Interior Design: Greg is a Registered Interior Designer with 35 years of experience, having worked in Vancouver, Toronto, smaller Canadian markets, and internationally. As a certified NCIDQ and LEED Accredited professional, he excels in seamlessly integrating environmentally responsible solutions into imaginative designs. 

What is TenantTalks, and what topics does it cover?

TenantTalks is a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing a forum for collectively shaping the office of the future. Their events are focused on topics and ideas to improve office environments focusing on how office design impacts how organizations function today and in the future. Featuring speakers from various industries, disciplines, and locations across the globe, TenantTalks purely educational events bring leaders together for an opportunity to discuss their personal experiences, challenges, and ideas around the use of the office and the evolving ways that we work. 

Where can journalists find high-resolution images and videos of Aura Office's projects?

Direct them to the specific section of the press kit or website where these resources are available.

How does Aura Office contribute to community and charitable initiatives?

At Aura, our values are passion, care, creativity, humility, and fun, with a purpose to positively impact people. Led by a multidisciplinary team, we continually dedicate time, energy, and resources in our community to support non-profit organizations and local charities. Every year, our team volunteers their time to give back to our community. Charitable initiatives are part of what gives our team purpose and motivation to continue doing what we do. We are proud to say that through our collective efforts we have positively impact 988 people through our give where we live initiatives for 2023.  

How can media representatives get in touch with Aura Office for more information or interviews?

At Aura, we love connecting with journalists and the media. To get in touch with Aura Office please reach out to our PR Associate at, please include your name, publication, and reason for inquiry.