Interior Office Design

Discover Your Office Environment

Interior Office Design

Discover Your Office Environment

“We all deserve to live in healthy and beautiful environments and to be the best of ourselves, Interior design is that form of art in constant research of the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic. Let me bring that to you.”

The Leading Interior Design Company in Vancouver

With over 30 years of experience and 1,000 design-build projects completed in the lower mainland, Aura is the leading interior design firm in Vancouver. We understand the Vancouver real estate market and are uniquely positioned to adapt design trends to meet the needs of local businesses.

Your office design should be as unique as your company. With expertise in designing offices for the tech, legal, retail and professional services industries, we understand that the designs that work in one industry might not work in another. Aura has created custom design solutions for many successful companies, including CFI, Lesperance Mendes, Sumitomo Metal Mining, and G&F Financial Group.

Our Approach

An essential component of the Aura Integrated Experience is our discovery-centric design journey. We ask a lot of questions because we are naturally curious designers. Moreover, we want to understand what kind of office environment will best serve your needs.

The Discovery Session

At Aura, the discovery sessions is our way of learning exactly what you want your space to look and feel like. We break down the intuitively complex process of office design into an enjoyable discovery experience to help clients clarify what they want.

We’ll ask many questions that will help us discover your unique needs. All key decision makers and influencers are encouraged to attend and participate. And by the way, lunch is on us!

The Creative Process

Then, the creative work begins. After reviewing the findings from the discovery session, our talented interior designers use their creativity, intuition and imagination to clarify the vision for your office. Our designers have a plethora of experience to draw on and are always immersed in the latest office design trends.

The Concept Presentation

Once our research is done and the creative process is complete, it’s time for the presentation of your office concept. We’ll provide you with a link so you can experience your unique office environment in virtual reality.

Innovative Workspace Design

Designing an office should account for more than just budget, practicality, and aesthetics. There’s also a psychological angle to consider. Innovative office designs are people-centric and steeped in empathy. We design offices that consider individual’s preferred modes of work–including focus, collaborative, learn and social; creating opportunities for improved workplace wellness, happiness and productivity.

Head Office Interior Design

First impressions matter. Your head office design should reflect your corporate brand and company culture. An effective head office design does much more than make your company look good — it communicates and reinforces your brand to your clients and stakeholders; increases employees’ productivity and morale; and creates a sense of corporate identity.

Tech Company Interior Design

Great office designs for tech companies are those that portray company culture and are flexible. Well-known for adding social spaces to encourage employee engagement and to promote their culture, IT companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative office design. Oftentimes, these workspaces are bright and open to promote collaboration and wellbeing.

Complimentary Pre-Lease Guide

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