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Too Hot, Too Cold! Choosing The Right Temperature For Your Office

The thermostat can be a topic of heated debate in some workplaces. People are surprisingly passionate about the temperature of […]

Aura Office Environments Announces Tenant Talks Lunch & Learn Speaker Series

Tenant Talks is a complimentary event series featuring expert insights on office design and workplace culture best practices for companies […]

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7 Ways to De-Stress on National Relaxation Day

Whether or not your work culture operates on an all-or-nothing binary of grinding and slacking, the idea of using relaxation […]

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Amp Up Your Summer Wellness Program

Summer has long been a key time of year to catch up on your wellness, whether you want to look […]

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Data-Driven Office Design: Insights That Create Effective Workspaces

While designing an office space requires a lot of creativity, data and analysis come into play as well. You may […]

Adapting your office for improved workplace wellness

Adapting Your Office For Improved Workplace Wellness

Forward-thinking companies understand that their main goal is to create a phenomenal workplace for their people. The heart of every […]

What is biophilic design

What is Biophilic Design?

Designing a workspace in a way that connects to the natural environment is known as biophilic design. The concept of […]

Employee fulfillment overhauling your space design

Employee Fulfillment & Overhauling Your Space Design

As we move towards the future, individuals want to know that they’re more important than machines and are searching for […]

The landscape of office design is changing are you ready

The Landscape of Office Design is Changing: Are You Ready?

When it comes to the design and architecture of the future, change is vital. Occupants require change and designers must […]

The benefits leasehold improvements for growing business

The Benefits of Leasehold Improvements For Growing Business

In the business world, change can come at you pretty quick. When rapid growth happens at the ground level, sometimes […]