Workplace Interior Design Trends For 2024


Workplace Interior Design Trends For 2024

As we stride into 2024, the landscape of workplace interior design is poised for a transformative journey, with design elements evolving to reflect the dynamic needs of modern professionals. Eager to decipher the unfolding narrative of workplace design, we engaged in insightful conversations with our talented design team to unveil the key themes expected to shape office spaces in the coming year. From smart lighting to integrating Pantone’s colour of the year, join us as we explore the forefront of workplace interior design trends, a realm where the Aura design team takes pride in pioneering the future of workspaces.


2024 Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Aura’s Director of Design, Veronica De Verneuil, explores how interior designers can introduce Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz into design.

Veronica De Verneuil - Design Trends

Pantone summarizes the colour choice by stating, “This soft, heartfelt hue expresses the desire to nurture kindness, compassion, and connection- all while fostering a deep coziness as we seek a peaceful future.” At Aura, we can resonate deeply with the connection as we strive to create the office as a destination, connecting employees to each other and the space itself.

While distinct in their respective applications, fashion and interior design converge through a shared creative process that seamlessly combines aesthetics, form, and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic realm of fashion, Veronica envisions Peach Fuzz harmoniously complementing burgundy and terracotta in a visually captivating fusion. She emphasizes the innate beauty of these colours in design, emphasizing their natural presence in the very essence of the fruit itself.

“I can certainly see the draw to the warmth of the colour of the year, and while I do not suggest we select everything in this colour, I can envision a beautiful tone-on-tone interior space such as this picture from Notoo Studio, which perfectly demonstrates the pairing of the colours with a blend of textures for added interest.”

-Veronica De Verneuil, Director of Design

Aura Office Interior Design Trends

Local artisan work is the new ‘high-end’

Junior Interior Designer Venesa Succurro offers her insights as she explores the concept of ‘high end’ in the context of local artisan craftsmanship.

Venesa Succurro - Design Trends

As designers become more aware of their immediate context in the projects they are involved in, sustainability remains a lasting trend. The focus on sustainable design draws on supporting local communities and artists in different realms of design. Building with a local hand and using local materials, furniture, lighting, and decor creates a profound sense of community while reducing carbon emissions. This notable shift towards elevating local artisan work as the epitome of ‘high-end’ craftsmanship is an apparent trend in 2024 that will leave a lasting impact.

Aura Office 2024 Interior Design trends

Artist Spotlight: Brent Comber

Brent Comber Originals takes inspiration from the unparalleled setting of the Pacific Northwest and has created a body of work that is interwoven and inseparable from the story of the landscape. He creates beautiful pieces for any setting while utilizing local materials.


The emergence of resimercial and the continuation of maximalism

Senior Interior Designer Maryam Attar foresees resimercial and maximalism as prevailing trends for 2024.

Maryam Attar - Design Trends

In response to the growing trend of individualism, employers are actively seeking ways to enrich the work experience by acknowledging the significance of employees’ emotions and personal thoughts. There is a heightened focus on empowering individuals with the freedom to express themselves, fostering inclusivity, and cultivating a positive workplace culture. A noteworthy development in workplace interior design since the post-pandemic return to office is the emergence of the resimercial style. A combination of residential and commercial, resimercial design seamlessly integrates the comfort and familiarity of home into the professional workspace. Designers achieve this by incorporating elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia and provide a comforting ambiance, creating a work environment that is both welcoming and conducive to productivity.

Aura Office Interior Design trends

One notable trend that gained popularity in 2023 and is expected to continue into 2024 is maximalism. In stark contrast to minimalism, maximalism embraces a more expressive and vibrant approach to design. It provides ample space for individuals to showcase their personality, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This style allows for incorporating diverse elements, textures, and colours, creating a visually rich and engaging environment that encourages self-expression within the space. As individuals seek to infuse more personality into their surroundings, maximalism stands out as a captivating design trend beyond the simplicity of minimalistic aesthetics. Here are some ways to incorporate maximalism into your space:


Wall Treatments

There are different ways to make the walls stand out. Classic wood panelling creates a formal yet warm feel, while an unexpected mural adds visual depth and interest. Furthermore, wallcoverings, particularly floral wallpapers with various bold patterns and colours, can create a lush and lively atmosphere in every room.


Curated Diversity from Different Eras

The eclectic style allows a thoughtful and intentional selection of diverse elements, one-of-a-kind décor and furniture pieces from different eras, which reflect a company’s identity, history and culture and enrich a space with a unique but nostalgic narrative.


Layered Interiors

We can convey character to a space through the artful combination of vintage and contemporary pieces, diverse textures, and varied shapes. By integrating traditional details like scalloped designs with modern elements in all areas of design, such as furniture, flooring, and accessories, we playfully elevate the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the space.

In 2024, maximalism transforms interiors with lively wall treatments, personalized eclecticism, vintage furniture, and decorative objects with an attention to sustainability. The dynamic blend of old and new elements creates vibrant spaces that tell unique stories, offering exciting and distinctive ambience.

The rise of mixed metal

Senior designer Salma Siddiqi spotlights her 2024 prediction, embracing elegance: The Rise of Mixed Metal Finishes.

Salma Siddiqi - Design Trends

As we enter the new year, I find that the world of interior design is witnessing a fascinating withdrawal from using one monochromatic metal. As a result, mixed metal is one trend that I think is poised to take center stage. This trend introduces a refreshing departure from repetitive colour schemes and allows for a personalized and eclectic touch to a workspace.”

-Salma Siddiq, Senior Interior Designer


Mixing different combinations such as gold and silver, bronze and nickel, or copper and chrome adds depth, visual interest, and a touch of versatility and flexibility within a design. At Aura, we understand that clients always look at adaptable and timeless designs, which mixed metal can offer. Furthermore, the combinations of different metals allow for what Salma calls a “harmonious contrast,” which is pivotal in creating depth and visually stimulating interiors. Lastly, for more stimulating interiors, adding an interplay of light and shadow on different metallic surfaces adds a dynamic quality, creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

From metal laminates, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware to faucets and decorative accents, mixing metals, even in small details, will allow for a cohesive design while still allowing us to showcase the creativity and individual style we at Aura strive for.

Smart Lighting

Aura’s Junior Interior Designer, Sabrina Ishimwe, shares her thoughts on how integrated lighting will be a prominent workplace design trend in 2024.

Sabrina Ishimwe - Design Trends

Due to the rapid progress in technology, the integration of smart lighting allows designers to elevate commercial environments in several ways. A key feature of smart lighting is the ability to customize and differentiate zones using varied colour temperatures. In areas where workers require heavy concentration, lighting can offer brighter and cooler lighting tones to energize workers. In contrast, warmer lighting can benefit areas requiring a more relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, smart lighting can offer a more personalized user experience, enabling staff to customize controls according to their preferences. Accessible through mobile apps and activated by voice or motion, smart lighting empowers commercial users to effortlessly tailor their surroundings to optimize their working environment, fostering productivity and well-being.

What this means for businesses

In 2024, we will see businesses invest in the quality of their spaces, shaping the workplace into a dynamic, engaging environment that elevates the human experience. With the help of intentional and quality workplace interior design, employers can boost employees’ productivity and well-being and improve collaboration engagement.

Are you ready to begin your office transformation? At Aura, our team of highly skilled interior designers are experts in helping companies navigate the changing world of work. We are passionate about creating engaging workspaces where teams can feel and perform their best. Contact Us to see how our team can help you elevate your workplace.

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