10 Workplace Wellness Tips to Improve Your Team’s Wellbeing


10 Workplace Wellness Tips to Improve Your Team’s Wellbeing

Some of the major factors impacting an organisation’s health include psychological support, engagement, and physical safety.

If you’re part of your company’s management team, it’s important to promote workplace wellness. Employees deserve to be supported in their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Working to increase workplace wellness reduces turnover rates, increases the employees’ quality of life, and boosts your company’s overall productivity. Are you unsure how to improve workplace wellness?

Below are 10 workplace wellness tips. Once you’re done reading through the list, get to work putting these tips into action.


1. Mention Stretch Breaks

One of the easiest workplace wellness strategies to implement in your office is encouraging routine stretch breaks for employees. Sometimes, all an employee needs to boost productivity is a quick backstretch or a walk around the office!

Stretching is a healthy way to give the mind an occasional break from staring at a screen. Staring at a screen for too long can cause eye strain and long-term vision problems.

2. Encourage Connection

Workplace wellness programmes thrive on human connection. Connecting with coworkers is difficult when the office is separated into cubicles or is operating on a hybrid schedule.

Set aside time to have fun and encourage team-building activities. These activities can be as simple as bringing in coffee and doughnuts for a staff breakfast or scheduling an afternoon out of the office together.

Connection among employees promotes teamwork, support, and social wellbeing. You’ll notice stronger collaborations and a whole lot more smiles.

3. Set an Example

Put the advice from a workplace wellness guide into action to set an example for your employees. Not only will you improve your mental and physical health, but you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Set an example and build better relationships by asking your employees to join you for a post-work gym session. Or mention how you’re taking advantage of your employer’s insurance to connect with a local therapist.

Open yourself to others asking questions about your journey. Have resources on hand if they need help connecting with a therapist or local gym.

4. Make Praise a Part of Your Work Culture

The best way to fight against the emotional tax of your employees is to make praise a part of your work culture.

Congratulate employees reaching their goals, and celebrate the wins of your company. Don’t let the hard work of your team go unnoticed.

Even on an ordinary day, take time to show gratitude to the employees you see completing their to-do list. A few positive words can make all the difference in someone’s day.

5. Create a Safe Space

No workplace wellness guide can prepare you for some of the obstacles you’ll experience as a boss or manager. Despite not being able to prevent every issue, do your best to create a safe space for your employees.

Ways to create a safe space include:

  • Taking harassment claims seriously
  • Hiring a diverse staff
  • Setting aside a quiet space for overstimulated employees
  • Opening yourself up to criticism and suggestions
  • Hiring speakers to teach on workplace inclusion
  • Respecting the religious observations of your employees

Work together with other supervisors to create a leadership team that encourages respect and safety.

6. Offer Team Employee Wellness Activities

Workplace wellness techniques don’t have to feel like work. Make it fun for your whole team!

Has your company had a difficult season? Surprise your staff with an in-office yoga class to stretch out the stress. You can even allow them to wear athleisure clothes for the day to bring in an extra feeling of comfort.

Are your employees working from home? Host a virtual meditation session or a Zoom movie night.

7. Invest in Personal Growth

What an employee does off the clock affects their productivity as much as work-related tasks. Invest in your employees’ personal growth to improve workplace wellbeing.

A great way to do this is by offering free certification courses or a monthly stipend to use towards local art classes, language courses, etc. Employees can use the extra cash to improve their skill sets or learn a new hobby.

You’ll notice a massive increase in workplace engagement once you start investing in your employees’ personal lives.

8. Get Serious About Mental Health

30% of disability claims are filed due to mental health issues. Put mental health initiatives in place to support your employees’ emotional wellbeing.

Consider allowing PTO for a few mental health days, just as you would for physical sickness. Even implementing a hybrid work schedule betters the mental health of your office by improving individuals’ work-life balance.

You can also consider creating a comfortable, relaxed working space in the office. Who wouldn’t want to work on a velvet sofa?

9. Keep a Clean Office

Dirt and clutter are distracting! Keeping a clean office is crucial for a productive work culture.

Hire a weekly cleaning service, and encourage employees to regularly wipe down their desks. Tidying up the office is a team effort so make sure everyone’s on board. Oh, don’t forget to empty out the trash bins to avoid bad smells.

You’ll also notice that keeping a clean, sanitised office results in fewer employee sicknesses!

10. Provide Nutritious Snacks

Chugging sugar-filled sodas and eating fried snacks bog down the brain. Boost office productivity by providing nutritious snack options for your employees.

Stock up the office with fresh fruit, veggie trays, and whole-grain toast. Encourage employees to bring reusable water bottles to enjoy the provided water stations.

Do many employees meal prep their own lunches? Guarantee there’s ample fridge storage.

Take Care of Your Office With These Workplace Wellness Tips

To boost productivity and build employee engagement, follow the above workplace wellness tips. You’ll be surprised by the positive changes to follow.

There are plenty of other ideas in addition to the ones we mentioned above. Chat with your fellow management team to create and implement a wellness plan.

A wellness tip you may not have yet considered is redesigning your workplace. Trust Aura with bringing in fresh interior design ideas- guaranteed to brighten the mood. Check out our portfolio today!


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