Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees With Your Office


Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees With Your Office

It is always important to cater to your workforce with a quality office design. When folks wake up for work daily, you want a sense of excitement on where they head. Dreading walking into a boring office with out of date technology and designs will lead to lost employees. Attracting and retaining millennials is more important than ever. The work done towards retaining millennial employees has a lot to do with office design, as much as it has to do with whether they get a promotion.


The Millennial Numbers to Back-Up the Push

There exists a lot of numbers to support the effort to cater to the millennial generation. A millennial is someone born between the year 1981 and 1996. Over 70 million millennials exist in the world, and they are all the age where they are in the workforce. They make up the largest generation of working individuals today, so making sure the office design suits them is crucial. These are young minds, tremendous visionaries, and tapping their knowledge occurs by placing them in a setting sparking creativity.


Losing Employees is Costly

It is very costly to lose employees. Millennials have no concerns with switching companies, jobs. The days of individuals staying at one company for several decades is a thing of the past. It still happens, but far less than with prior generations. Millennials seek engagement and where they find it, they prosper and prove to be productive contributors to an organization.

The cost of losing an employee, all that knowledge, multiplies when you factor the spend on recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new talent. The time and effort to get the new employee at a foundational level is always a struggle.


Retaining Millennial Employees With an Office Design

You can do a lot with your office design to work towards attracting and retaining millennial employees. Millennials are unique. They want a different office, catering to their asks, which usually conflict with the make-up of older organizations.

Retaining Millennial Employees With Technology – You can do a lot with technology to work toward attracting and retaining millennial employees. Millennials want a connection to the Internet at all times, with the constant ability to communicate with employees. Remote millennial employees need the ability to video chat, to use tools like Slack, Skype, Teams, and others to collaborate. By giving millennials technology, always-on Internet, and the ability to connect and work from anywhere, you increase engagement and retention.

Design With Culture in Mind – You want an office design that takes company culture in mind. Millennials seek out the open, college style design. These employees do not want to be stuck in a cubicle. Instead, open space and wall removal are key. It drives company culture as well, showcasing commitment to collaboration and innovation. You want to engage millennials. Give them a reason to show up and commit their whole self to your company, each day. You know what culture you want to showcase, now match it with an office design that exceeds expectations to keep millennial talent.

Work with the Remote Crowd – A remote employee can provide a lot of value to the organization. Millennials want the ability to work from anywhere. If they are away from the office, why do they have to be completely unavailable? Make remote employee arrangements possible and show your company culture of flexibility and commitment to working from anywhere, at any time. Over 4.3 million employees work from home at least 50% of the time. With many of these millennials, making this an option helps keep talent.


Create an Office Space Strategy

You need a strategy to tackle your office space. The plan should incorporate short and long-term goals. What millennials want today may not be what they want a decade from now. When you go through your office design process, think ahead. Be sure you end up with an office space strategy that can evolve over time. Millennials are the young generation now, but that will change. The focus for millennials is on their career more than ever. Giving them office space and planning a strategy that drives forward engagement will allow for better retention.


Remember to Craft a Culture

Employee seeks out a company culture more than they do the appearance of office space. Let your culture and space speak for itself and attract millennials, retain them. Think about the best campus locations in the world. Google and Apple are top-tier. Employees long to work in settings they create. The campus environment, the feeling that everyone works and functions as one cohesive unit, is a key driver to engagement and retention.

The discovery-centric office design strategy Aura delivers helps you craft the culture. You want your office space to scream what your company is all about, in a positive light. From the interior design to the open spaces, to even beverage stations and technology offerings, you want it all to tie together. Create your office space in such a way where it is a destination for millennials, where they’ll feel like they miss out on growth opportunities by leaving. Put millennials in a place of constant engagement and they will stick around, thrive.

What you do as an organization to design an office space towards attracting and retaining millennials starts at the discovery stage. Think about your workforce and where the company stands today, as well as where you want it five years from now. Craft an office space strategy with a focus on your core millennials. By catering, you will not only retain the best talent, but you will attract it as well. Be a destination employer and watch the very best seek out your office as space where their creative juices can be on display.

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