Workplace Strategy Webinar: Now Available On-Demand


Workplace Strategy Webinar: Now Available On-Demand

It is not necessary to change a person in order to change their behaviour. Just change their environment.
– James Clear, Atomic Habits


This simple yet profound idea set the stage for our most recent webinar, The Power of Place: Enhancing the Employee Experience Through the Physical Environment”. Robin Rosebrugh, Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist, led the session, highlighting how environments impact employee behaviour and well-being. Leveraging her expertise in science, interior design, and organizational psychology, Robin provides actionable insights on optimizing the physical workspace to enhance employee engagement and productivity. This article distills the findings and recommendations from the webinar.


On-Demand Webinar Now Available


The Workplace as a Dynamic Space

Traditionally, workplaces have been seen as static backdrops where work happens. However, Robin challenges us to see the physical environment as an active player in shaping work, particularly as companies navigate hybrid and remote work modalities.

Before 2019, most knowledge workers were bound to the office from nine to five. The pandemic disrupted this, allowing employees to work from home and tailor their environments to their unique needs. Now, as we return to the office, there are higher expectations for workplaces to be dynamic, flexible, and personalized.

Shifting Employee Landscape


What Today’s Employees Want

In today’s world, distractions are everywhere; therefore, being intentional about work environments is vital. Employees today have elevated expectations for their workplaces, seeking autonomy, cultural alignment, opportunities for growth, work-life balance, and a sense of well-being. They desire to feel respected, trusted, and valued, and they increasingly expect employers to demonstrate a commitment to building purposeful environments.

During the webinar, Robin emphasizes that, despite advancements in technology and the effects of globalization, one constant remains: humans are inherently social beings with an enduring need for social interaction. Loneliness is increasing, affecting three out of every five workers (both remote and in-office), and it is becoming a significant issue for companies. Social connections and collaboration are more important than ever.


The True Value of the Workplace

“A workplace value proposition represents the organizational culture, benefits and interactions employees experience when working on-site. Essentially, it’s the why behind coming to the workplace.” – Gallup 2024

Robin highlights Gallup’s workplace value proposition, which focuses on connection, collaboration, creativity, and culture. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of quiet moments for focus and recharging. She proposed a new framework encompassing trust, choice and control, well-being, and a sense of identity and belonging.


Building Trust and Encouraging Informal Communication

Trust is the foundation of any successful team. Robin explains the difference between cognitive-based trust and affect-based trust. Cognitive-based trust is built on observing behaviour, while affect-based trust comes from personal connections. Furthermore, informal communication, like water-cooler conversations in the office, is also crucial in building this trust.

Despite advances in communication tools, physical proximity still matters. Proximity and visibility have been shown to positively influence information sharing, feelings of group cohesion, and the development of trust among teams. Moreover, the Allen Curve theory further emphasizes that people are likelier to communicate with those close to them. Research suggests that we are four times as likely to communicate regularly with someone sitting six feet away from us as with someone 60 feet away, and we rarely communicate with colleagues on separate floors or in separate buildings.


People need to build their organizations so that knowledge flows freely to create opportunities and solve problems.
– Robert Lynd, Architectural Research in Finland


Choice, Control, and Productivity

Giving employees choice and control over their work environment can boost productivity. Different tasks require different settings – open spaces for collaboration and quiet areas for focused work. This flexibility is especially important for neurodiverse employees.

Robin discusses the term “auditory neighbourhoods,” emphasizing the need for diverse work zones. Some individuals thrive in dynamic, energetic spaces, whereas others require quiet, focused environments to perform optimally. Offering a variety of workspace options, from high buzz zones to low distraction and quiet work zones, can significantly enhance the overall work experience.



Prioritizing Well-being

Well-being is about more than just physical health; it also includes emotional and mental well-being. Employees must feel valued, connected, and capable. Robin stresses the importance of fostering a sense of identity and belonging within the workplace. Organizations can achieve this through cultural alignment, social interactions, and environments that reflect their mission and values.


Looking Ahead: The Future of Work and Workplace Strategy

Wrapping up the webinar, Robin emphasizes the importance of a holistic workplace strategy. It is not just about creating a physical space but about designing environments that support employee well-being, productivity, and success. Effective workplace strategy can lead to happier employees, better performance, and a stronger organization. If you are ready to start a conversation about your current workplace strategy, contact us.

At Aura, we offer in-depth workplace strategy consultations tailored to your business needs. Whether you are looking to move into a new workplace or optimize your existing environment, we are here to help you create a workplace that supports your business and team’s needs.


Want to Learn More?

If these insights intrigue you, take advantage of the entire on-demand webinar. Robin dives deeper into these topics, offering practical strategies for creating workplaces that enhance well-being and productivity. Sign up now to access the webinar and start transforming your workplace today.

Webinar On-Demand Now Available: Workplace Strategy


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