Introducing Pivvot Strategy


Introducing Pivvot Strategy

Aura partners with Pivvot, to help clients make data-informed decisions on their future real estate needs and remote work policies

AURA has been busy at work on an exciting project for the past few years, and we’re excited to finally share the launch of our partnership with Pivvot!


What is Pivvot?

Pivvot is a workplace strategy software solution designed to help clients future-proof their workplaces by helping them make informed, data-based decisions on how their spaces can support new work arrangements by identifying organizational workstyle personas.

The Pivvot platform helps clients understand exactly how much space and what type of space they need to support how their teams will work in the future. This is achieved by guiding them through a proven and tested process that assesses the organization’s goals and the workstyle personas of each employee. This then allows clients to make use of the platform’s scenario planning tool to determine potential situations and their impacts on their business. Going through the Pivvot process essentially helps clients develop their workplace strategy.

To date, global and national brands like Dentons, Clark Wilson, Westland, and Canfor have trusted Pivvot to provide them with the data they need to make confident decisions on their real estate needs for the next five years.

“Pivvot has a process that is a method to the madness” – KPMG


What’s The Story Behind Pivvot?

Since 1976, we’ve been evolving and innovating to support the challenges of our clients as experts in design-build solutions, all the while prioritizing people. Developing and partnering with Pivvot is yet another initiative that puts people at the forefront of all that we do.

Pivvot helps our clients get the data and insight they need to answer questions like:

  • Should our staff work remotely, in-office, or something in between?
  • How much square footage of office space will we need moving forward?
  • Should we renew our lease? Will we need this much space or not?
  • How will our choices impact our staff’s productivity, our environment, our staff’s mental health, and the communities we operate in?

The decision to build and partner with Pivvot was inspired mainly by how the events of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business leaders around the world, making it increasingly difficult for them to make decisions about the future of their remote work policy and, subsequently their office space. 

In speaking regularly with our clients and our community, we found that today, many business leaders lack the information and guidance they need to make crucial decisions regarding their office spaces in such a time of uncertainty. Many are struggling to understand how much space they need and how many types of space they will need to support how their teams will work in the future.

“Pivvot brought clarity to how our team workstyle personas would look in a post-COVID world in relation to the office space needed” – Heather Lefebvre, Canfor


What Do I Get Out Of The AURA/Pivvot Partnership?

Because of AURA’s partnership with Pivvot, you’ll be able to take the guesswork out of your most pressing decisions and bring much-needed clarity to your workspace as you look to the future.

Pivvot equips you with to get actionable, data-informed insights and expert advice to help you:

  • Align leadership on your remote work policy
  • Develop your workplace strategy
  • Determine how much and what type of spaces you need to support your strategy
  • Understand how your workforce works best and what resources + access to a physical office they need to work best
  • Forecast space needs for the future as you plan for growth
  • Understand the impacts of your decisions on your organization and community as a whole

pivvot personal workstyle

Where Can I Learn More About Pivvot?

If you’re questioning how to make the right decisions on your real estate needs, we invite you to learn more about Pivvot or contact Aura for a consultation.

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