Case Study: Eventbrite


Case Study: Eventbrite


Eventbrite is a US-based event management and ticketing website with headquarters in San Francisco. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. From music festivals, concerts, marathons, conferences, fundraisers, gaming competitions, Eventbrite’s mission is to bring the world together through live experiences. With 4.7 million events powered through Eventbrite in 2019 and tickets sold for live experiences in 180 countries, the company has deserved its global reputation as one of the leaders in it’s industry.



The problem with Eventbrite’s space was obvious from the beginning and in two different aspects: the first was the state of their physical space. There were wires hanging in the open, hallways were dark, and it was overall very run down. This leads to the second issue which was that the space was in no way a representation of the company and its culture.

The culture at Eventbrite is one that would make anyone want to join the Eventbrite team. They have movie nights along with wine every Friday, management is empathetic towards all of the staff, and the mentality of the entire team is that they are a family- working hard together to meet goals and then enjoy each other’s company afterwards. This is further reflected through rooms such as their Serenity Room: dedicated for anything from yoga or stretching, to feeding babies, to hangovers or any private matters life demands of the staff. Another space is their JAM Room: a space filled with instruments that would bring the team together whether for a casual meeting or for a space for employees to play music.

Overall, the goal was Aura was loud and clear – Eventbrite needed a space to tailor to their incredible culture and a space that reflected the employees’ lifestyles.


Before                                                                                                  After



Communication was a three-way line between Aura, the Eventbrite office in Vancouver and the Head Office team in the US, which created a dynamic force of ideas and creativity. As the space was located in a Heritage Building, it was critical to follow protocols and ensure the Heritage Building rules were followed. Therefore, Aura worked carefully to keep the structure of the space but be mindful to design and the overall goal of the project. Existing millwork was cleaned up, ceiling work and sprinklers were refreshed, and the wiring around the office was cleaned up. The issue of the dark hallway remained and due to the structure and budget, Aura had to think outside the box. An LED strip was adding to the ceiling- creating light, dynamic and energy to the space – all while being cost-effective and protecting the Heritage structure.

Aura Office | Case Study: Eventbrite


The outcome was outstanding. The new Eventbrite space showcases the branding guidelines, has a West Coast Gastown feel that was desired, and supports the direction of hoteling/mobile desking systems that Eventbrite was initiating. The space now is made true to who they are: a caring, supportive, experiential, and adventurous group of people who bring passion to the office every day. Staff are now more energized, the space is much better utilized creating more space to collaborate and host weekly events, and the feedback from Management is that the staff are more mindful now to preserve and care for the space; counters are left clean, workstations are tidy and there is a new found respect for the physical office space.

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