How Office Design Can Create Meaningful Connections


How Office Design Can Create Meaningful Connections

The Company 

PPI is a leading national insurance marketing organization dedicated to Canada’s high net-worth insurance market. Their industry professionals with market leading expertise and technology provide comprehensive marketing, actuarial tax, and underwriting support to their clients. With four decades of industry experience and innovation, PPI offers unmatched support, tools, and resources to independent advisors across Canada.  However, PPI was looking to transform their office design to better suit the needs of their company.

The Challenges 

PPI approached AURA for assistance in redesigning their office. Firstly, our beginning stage consisted of an in-depth investigation into the companies’ specific challenges, goals, and vision for their new office environment. They realized it was time to modernize their office and provide a more collaborative, welcoming, and inspiring environment for both staff and clients. For their new space, PPI wanted to create a better employee experience. They felt that their office did not do enough to promote the wellness and satisfaction of its employees.  Collaboration and connection were also lacking at their original site. Furthermore, they sought a more collaborative, flexible, and connected workspace that will help inspire and drive their staff.  

As a driving force in innovation and a market leader, PPI wanted to experiment with a change in office structure. They sought to eliminate hierarchy and rearrange office and workspace locations in their updated floorplan. Finally, they discovered that their current location was not as accessible as they would like.  

The Solution 

Aura’s distinct design-build approach is founded on sound interior design and balances functionality and aesthetics. As a result, PPI contacted us and entrusted us with their renovation. A visioning session is a crucial step in the design process. During a visioning session, designers collaborate closely with the company to develop an overall design strategy and concept. The project’s main concept was: “Meaningful Connections.” This overarching concept guided designers through their process, ultimately leading to a master palette that highlights featured elements, finishes, and color theme.  

 The floor plan included a unique layout to implement the nonhierarchical system. Except for one office, all offices are on the interior, and workstations are on the exterior to ensure that all employees have access to natural light, not just those with offices. Our design team understands the importance of incorporating plants and other biophilia into workplace design. It can reduce stress and provide a soothing and relaxing environment. The office was designed with several biophilic elements throughout to improve employee wellness. Above the reception desk, we added suspended lights with preserved plants and a large green wall in the hallway leading to the lunch, meeting, and training rooms.  

It was important that the PPI office was created to be inclusive and accessible to all. The countertops in the lunchroom have been lowered to make them wheelchair accessible. Additionally, we made the receptionist area more accessible. All these details have been implemented so that all people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the office space.  

The Outcome 

 PPI has developed an atmosphere that reinvents the client experience, making clients feel cared for and acknowledged. The company is now fully confident that both staff and clients who visit the office sense the dedication PPI has gone through to ensure an enjoyable office experience. Through seamless design, meaningful connections were created in materials, lighting, and subtle way-finding elements.

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