Elevating Workplace Strategy at Aura: Introducing Robin Rosebrugh


Elevating Workplace Strategy at Aura: Introducing Robin Rosebrugh

Vancouver, BC- April 10, 2024– Aura Office is excited to welcome Robin Rosebrugh to our team as a Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist. With her extensive background in science, design, and organizational psychology, Robin is poised to elevate our approach to optimizing work environments. Holding a Master of Liberal Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a Bachelor of Science from UBC, and additional certifications in sustainable building and interior design, Robin brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

Previously working as a workplace consultant for Steelcase, Robin has extensive experience supporting clients in achieving their organizational and space goals through the application of workplace insights. Additionally, she has showcased her expertise and research findings through engaging public speaking engagements at prestigious conferences, universities, and various podcasts—Robin’s adeptness at sharing valuable insights positions her as a distinguished representative and spokesperson for Aura.


The Importance of a Purposeful Workplace Strategy

In today’s landscape, it is critical that companies take a people-centric approach to workplace strategy, underscoring the importance of understanding client’s business objectives, long-term goals and current practices related to employee well-being, engagement, and growth to tailor workplace solutions accordingly. A purposeful workplace strategy takes a more transformative approach designed to reimagine workplace environments in a way that centers human experiences and strategic business outcomes. At the core of a purposeful workplace strategy is the commitment to understanding the ‘why’ behind every decision, ensuring our solutions are not just functional but meaningful, and creating spaces that foster connection, collaboration, and well-being.

At Aura, the overarching aim of workplace strategy is to positively impact people’s lives in the workplace, rather than merely focusing on efficiency or real estate optimization. Our approach to workplace strategy is built on a foundation of continuous learning and data-driven insights, enabling us to offer tailored solutions that enhance employee satisfaction and performance, while aligning with long-term business objectives. With the addition of Robin Rosebrugh to our team, we are setting a new standard for workplace innovation- where every strategy is a step towards creating environments that inspire, support, and adapt to the evolving needs of every organization we partner with. This approach not only differentiates us but also ensures that we are true partners in workplace transformation, dedicated to delivering outcomes that matter.

Commitment to Innovation: Leveraging Data-Driven Insights

Driven by a passion for innovation, Robin is committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of workplace strategy. Her dedication to continuous learning and utilization of data-driven insights will empower organizations to optimize their workspaces with evidence-based research and strategic planning, ultimately enhancing employee well-being, productivity, and satisfaction.


I have known Robin for many years. She is an exceptional strategist supported by extensive education and research. I am excited about the perspective she brings to our valued clients and future clients, whom we help guide as experts in workplace strategy, design, and construction management. 

– Veronica De Verneuil, Director of Interior Designer


Crafting a Cohesive Workplace Strategy: Uniting Expertise for Success

Robin aligns her talents with Greg Wooster, who joined the company last year as our VP of workplace strategy and interior design, and Veronica De Verneuil, who has been an integral part of our team for over three years, serving as director of interior design. Collectively, they lead Aura’s workplace strategy sector, advancing our dedication to research-driven interior design and construction.

Greg brings a wealth of experience, having garnered over 35 years of national and international exposure in strategy, facilities management, space planning, and interior design. His extensive portfolio encompasses large-scale, complex projects for public organizations. Greg’s credentials as a registered interior designer, coupled with his NCIDQ certification and LEED Accreditation, underscore his commitment to integrating environmentally responsible solutions into every aspect of his work. With a passion for developing visionary strategic plans, Greg is dedicated to transforming concepts into tangible realities.

Veronica boasts over 15 years of experience in interior design and project delivery, making her an invaluable asset to Aura’s leadership team. Her tenure with the company has seen her lead the interior design team with distinction. Certified as an Interior Designer with exemplary project management skills, Veronica’s passion for Design/Build projects is evident in her track record of delivering multidisciplinary projects across various sectors, including workplace, wellness, education, hospitality, and retail spaces. Specializing in commercial spaces, Veronica brings a strategic mindset to every project. Her meticulous approach ensures that client needs are met and the intended use of space is optimized to its fullest potential.

Together, their combined expertise and strategic vision set the stage for Aura to continue delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impact on the industry.


Immediately upon meeting with the Aura team, it was evident they wholeheartedly embodied their purpose of “positively impacting people.” This commitment shines not only through workplace design but also through their dedication to volunteering and enriching local communities. Aura’s innovative partnerships with Pivvot and Tenant Talks place them at the forefront of city workplace strategy. These collaborations enable clients to make data-driven decisions and learn from other organizations that have successfully transformed their office environments. I’m excited to contribute my skills and experience to the team to grow Aura’s offerings further and positively influence the lives of even more people.

-Robin Rosebrugh, Workplace Strategy and Research Specialist


Award-Winning Designs: Recognizing Excellence in Workplace Innovation

Together, our leadership team is dedicated to guiding our talented interior design team in delivering outstanding workplaces that exceed client expectations. At Aura, we take pride in creating engaging workspaces where teams can thrive, as evidenced by our award-winning designs for industry-leading companies. Our recent accolades include a Silver A’ Design Award for our work with Westland Insurance and being selected as a finalist in the NAIOP 2024 commercial real estate awards for our project with Robert Allan Ltd.

Join us in welcoming Robin as we continue to push the boundaries of workplace design and strategy at Aura Office.


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