Grand Opening: PayByPhone Unveils New Yaletown Office


Grand Opening: PayByPhone Unveils New Yaletown Office

We are grateful and delighted to be a part of the unveiling of PayByPhone’s new head office in Yaletown, Vancouver. PayByPhone held a Grand Opening event on August 23rd to commemorate the completion of their new office. The Grand Opening allowed them to show off their brand-new workplace to their employees, highlighting all the hard work that went into designing the space to create a more friendly and welcoming place of work. This spectacular event included mouthwatering BBQ, thirst-quenching drinks, energetic ping-pong tournaments, and a breathtaking view from the rooftop patio.

PayByPhone employs over 200 people in its Vancouver office. Throughout the renovation process staff worked remotely, and for many of them, the Grand Opening was their first interaction with the workplace. Furthermore, the event was a fantastic way to kick off the new office space, and it was great to see the PayByPhone team pumped up about their new office. It was amazing to see their happy faces and excitement as they explored the building. We cannot wait to see how staff transform this office into their new home and we hope to see more photos of them smiling in the office!  

We got such great feedback from the PayByPhone team and their guests that we couldn’t wait to share photos from the event! Scroll down to see the photos of the celebration and sneak peek into the finished office space.


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