Happy People, Productive Team


Happy People, Productive Team

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the work environment and its impact on the quality of performance. While the notion that a happy staff is more productive and innovative is not new, since the onset of the pandemic, the topic has come to the forefront of the discourse surrounding work. A study conducted by Speakap shows that around 79% of workers cite company culture as the deciding factor in terms of leaving or joining a company.  

So why should companies cultivate a supportive and fun culture? Well, for starters, it reduces the turnover rate immensely, which in turn reduces recruitment costs and saves time spent on the onboarding process. Aside from that, how the company is operating is determined by the people that work in it. Happy employees are more productive, more creative, and more engaged, which in turn leads to better performance and higher growth rate.  

Keeping this in mind, here are some ways in which employees can be kept happy and satisfied: 

Live and Breathe your company values:  

Knowing what you stand for is a key factor in how your company operates. If your team is truly living by your values it will create a unified culture where people feel they belong. Living by your company values affects the kind of people you hire, and they in turn determine the environment of the organization. Sticking to your values will help you bring in the kind of talent that will improve every facet of the company. 

Create an equitable environment:   

People flourish in an environment that takes into consideration their unique needs. Creating a safe, positive environment for people of all backgrounds and accommodating people with special needs is vital in today’s day and age. This includes paying special attention to the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees.  

Flexibility is key   

In a post-pandemic world, having a flexible work environment is of utmost importance to ease the transition to normalcy. This may take on various forms, be it having an office space that accommodates group work as well as individual focus or having a hybrid work schedule, where employees have the luxury to decide what days they are going to come into office.   

Social Spaces to encourage collaboration 

Having designated areas where staff can take breaks and mingle fosters a creative, home-like environment that aids in innovation and engagement. These factors help create emotional connections to the company, which in turn help in talent retention and improved performance. In the same vein, hosting periodic team-building and social gatherings aid in further consolidating connections. 

Consult your employees when taking decisions that will affect them: 

Be it in terms of meeting schedules, employee perks or workplace renovations taking the opinions of your employees will make them feel valued and will also help tailor their work experience to their needs, helping them optimize and improve their performance. Pivvot is a data-driven analytical tool that makes this process easier. 

Taking care of your employees will not only aid in the growth of your organization, but will also create a space that people look forward to work in. Since people spend most of their time at work, it is paramount to take their needs and opinions into account. A fun, positive workplace with happy employees will help them flourish individually, which in turn will enable the company to have immense success. 

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