Integrated Design-build: Everything you Need to Know


Integrated Design-build: Everything you Need to Know

The first major decision when it comes to renovating your space is the decision between hiring a single firm to handle all aspects of your project (workplace strategy, design, construction, and project delivery) or hiring separate firms for each component. While each approach has merit, our team at Aura believes the integrated approach offers several distinct advantages, including a streamlined process that ensures consistent communication and transparency, ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget. 

The Aura Integrated Experience is at the heart of the company; keep on reading to see how our distinct approach can assist you with your office build out and help you create a workplace that follows your vision while surpassing your expectations.

What is an integrated Approach and why should you choose it? 

An integrated approach is where strategy, design, and execution come together to bring your workplace vision to life through our unified team and holistic approach. At Aura, you get one entity, one contract, one seamless flow of communication and work from concept to completion.  

Aura’s distinct integrated design-build approach allows us to deal with all aspects of the project, putting less stress on tenants. The first step is to work together with clients to develop a workplace strategy. A strategic workplace plan is created by getting stakeholder and leadership alignment around your business goals, understanding how your team works best, and scenario planning with Pivvot, out data-driven analytics software. From there we assign a single point of contact to each project, ensuring reliable communication and transparency. Our in-house designers work alongside our estimators and project managers for an informed approach. Furthermore, our integrated approach gives you the assurance your project is being designed with creativity that closely coincides with your project budget and schedule. At site level, Aura’s site superintendent ensures construction is achieved in line with the design intent, project schedule and our standards of quality and safety. After construction, inspections and furniture installations are complete, Aura will perform a site-walkthrough with you to ensure the workplace is move-in ready.  

Benefits of an integrated Approach:  

An integrated design-build approach has several advantages such as reducing costs and saving time. By having Aura oversee the entire project from workplace strategy to design, delivery, and post-occupancy, clients can spend less time resourcing and more time on their role within their organization. The following are the top three advantages of an integrated approach:  

  • Save time: The integrated project schedule gives you the ability to do things concurrently through blending design, budget, structural feasibility to seamlessly deliver a workplace that follows your visions and surpasses your expectations.  
  • Reduce Costs: By integrating all the moving parts in creating the optimal workplace, Aura can provide clients with progressive budgeting which lessens the risk of unexpected costs. Throughout the project we offer multiple check points to ensure alignment with your priorities. Moreover, progressive budgeting is Aura’s tool to guarantee the ultimate outcome is achieved within the budget.  
  • Mitigate Risks: our integrated project delivery ensures that Aura, your workplace partner, takes full responsibility for managing the entire process. Our comprehensive approach to project management decreases the risk of misalignment between design and construction principles, eliminating a potential disconnect between the different consultants, suppliers, and services.  


In choosing to use Aura’s integrated process we can promise to deliver your project from early planning stages to grand opening 20% faster than a split process, with progressive budgeting and one point of contact which decreases the risk of misalignment.    

Unique to Aura’s Integrated Approach 

Workplace Strategy Software: Pivvot 

 To provide the best possible workplace experience, we use evidence-based design. Data-driven decisions made with Pivvot, our unique people analytics platform, guide our meticulously engineered workplace design. Pivvot offers a reliable software solution in the form of an unbiased assessment system that is both data and people driven. By developing Workstyle Personas, it aids businesses in testing various scenarios and allows for evolved organizational thinking. In addition, these Workstyle Personas are developed from leadership alignment and employee assessments, influencing three dashboards that aid with work style, space allocation, and financial decisions – providing you with the information you need to improve your workspace. Moreover, Pivvot is more than just a transformative scenario planning technology. Combined with expert consultation, it eliminates assumptions with unbiased, data-driven, and people-powered calculations. 

 Live Project Dashboards 

 To optimize your experience, we give you full access to a live project dashboard throughout the delivery phase. A project dashboard allows you the ability to participate actively in the project delivery phase, giving you a thorough overview of everything, and keeps you informed. You may access everything without having to fill up your email, including the calendar, financials, and detailed project data. Weekly progress report updates include information on what happened the week before, what was completed this week, and what is planned for the following week.  

How the Integrated Approach can Benefit you 

Our data-driven insights and bold designs enable us to deliver a well-crafted workplace that balances functionality and aesthetics. Aura’s distinct design-build approach integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases.  

Check out Our Approach page or Contact Us to learn how our unique approach can help transform your workplace. 

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