Integrated Project Delivery: Everything you Need to Know


Integrated Project Delivery: Everything you Need to Know

Through a unified team and comprehensive approach, Aura brings workplace visions to life through our integrated method that combines strategy, design, and execution. In an integrated approach, project components are interconnected to provide the best possible experience for clients with no additional risks or unforeseen delays. Workplace strategy and design go hand in hand, with the delivery team managing and comprehending all aspects of the project. We have addressed the benefits of integrated workplace strategy and integrated design in our integrated approach series. This article will dive into integrated project delivery and how it can help clients during an office renovation or build-out.   


What is integrated project delivery?  

The American Institute of Architects defines integrated project delivery as an approach that “integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results”. Through integrated project delivery, tenants can maximize efficiency through all phases of strategy, design, and construction. 


What are the benefits?  

There are several benefits to having an integrated project delivery. The first key benefit is that communication is optimized, resulting in widespread project knowledge and maximum collaboration among all participants. The second advantage is that the project’s finances are in sync, with the design and construction teams collaborating closely to exceed the client’s objectives. Designers develop a beautifully designed space and are in close contact with the construction team to ensure that the design is viable and can be completed on time and within budget.   

In an integrated approach, all participants link individual achievement to project success, and everyone involved in the project shares ownership of the entire project, not just one area. Ultimately, all project participants are working toward the same goal: satisfying the client and creating an efficient and stimulating workplace. A unified team assumes complete ownership and accountability for the entire project. Designers, project coordinators, and managers share information, communicate openly, and collaborate to achieve the best results possible.  Overall, an integrated approach, specifically project delivery, optimizes the project constraints of cost, time, and quality.   


Aura’s integrated project delivery  

The final step in an integrated approach is project delivery. The delivery of the project is fully managed by Aura’s delivery team. Streamlined communication throughout the project allows the delivery crew to be well-versed in all aspects of the final build-out. At the site level, the Site Superintendent ensures site construction is in line with the design intent, project schedule and high quality and safety standards.  

To optimize the user experience, we provide full access to a live project dashboard throughout the delivery phase. A project dashboard allows users to actively engage in the project delivery phase while keeping them informed and providing a comprehensive overview of everything. Clients can access project calendars, financials, and detailed data without being bombarded with emails. Furthermore, a weekly progress report provides information on what happened the previous week, what has been completed this week, and what is planned for the following week.   

Once the project is complete, Aura handles all inspections and coordinates furniture installations to ensure a smooth transition into the new space. Finally, Aura will conduct one final site walkthrough with you to guarantee the workspace is suitable for occupancy.  


How can Aura help  

When all project components are interconnected, project delivery is seamless. Check out Our Services page or Contact Us to learn how our integrated project delivery approach can make your next office renovation or build-out more efficient.   


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