Integrated Workplace Strategy: Everything You Need To Know


Integrated Workplace Strategy: Everything You Need To Know

Every successful design-build project starts with a solid plan. To get the most out of your office renovation, you must integrate workplace strategy within all other aspects of the project. An aesthetically appealing office space that offers little to improve the employee experience or strengthen the corporate culture will fall short with employees. Employees will be happier, more productive, and more efficient if your workplace environment is beautiful and tailored to their needs. At AURA, we supply complete workplace strategies to aid your firm in preparing for future growth and strengthening its unique culture. Continue reading to learn more about our integrated workplace strategy and how it can help your next office remodel.

What Is Workplace Strategy?

An advanced workplace strategy can be defined as a dynamic alignment of integrating “key elements of physical space design, information technology (both infrastructure and devices), and effective HR policies to better enable work and increase operational efficiency.” A well-developed workplace strategy can do wonders for your business, especially when considering the most critical plans of employee satisfaction, productivity, and expected company growth. It is essential to develop a workplace strategy that supports your business plan and people strategy. Companies that do not account for how the physical office plays into their overarching strategy will struggle with employee turnover, productivity, and efficiency.

Aura aids in the development of a strategic workplace strategy by obtaining leadership alignment around your business goals, understanding how your employees perform best, and scenario planning using Pivvot, our data-driven analytic platform.

What Does It Mean To Have An Integrated Workplace Strategy?

An integrated approach combines workplace strategy, design, and execution to actualize your workplace vision through a unified team and streamlined communication. An integrated workplace strategy is helpful because it directly combines with design. When workplace planning is integrated throughout the project, your office space has the highest chance of being extremely efficient and allowing individuals to work to their maximum ability. Importantly, ensuring that your design and project teams fully understand the workplace strategy will result in a well-structured and developed space that is intended for your employees to thrive.

What Is Aura’s Integrated Workplace Strategy Process?

Aura offers a singular entity, a single contract, and a streamlined flow of communication and work from concept to completion. We start the process with the discovery phase, in which clients meet with the team for a discovery session to discuss the aims for the look and feel of the new space. From there, we delve deeper into how your employees work best and do research to find the various work style personalities in the organization. This phase is facilitated by using Pivvot.

Using Pivvot for enhanced workplace planning

Pivvot is an analytics tool that helps predict how individuals will operate in the future based on an in-depth assessment. Workstyle Personas are developed after the analysis, informing three dashboards that help impact work style, space allocation, and economic decisions. These dashboards provide your firm with the information to augment your workspace. With Pivvot, you get a scientifically data-driven approach that helps leaders make the right decisions affecting their office space in relation to how their people work best.

After the workplace strategy part of the project is complete, we move forward with the design phase. The data assists designers in creating a space that is well-equipped for its workers and how they work. Office renovations and buildouts can go south if there is little communication between the client, project management, designers, and contractors. A significant benefit of an integrated approach is that the workplace strategy directly informs the design, and the designers directly communicate with contractors and project managers to align budgets and timelines.

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