Office Design Trends for 2022


Office Design Trends for 2022

Every year brings about fresh new trends, be it in fashion, food, or interior design. With the drastic change in lifestyles over the past two years, however, the trends for 2022 are more radical and seek to combine function with both comfort and style. This concept has carried into the workplace and office aesthetics are being revamped. Here is our list of the top office design trends of 2022:


Nature and Wellness


Numerous studies have shown the positive psychosomatic effects that having plants has on us. Living walls, potted palms, etc. seem to have become popular for workplaces to incorporate into their offices. Not only do plants purify the air, but they inspire creativity while livening up the area. Even if companies deem live plants to be too much work to maintain, fake and preserved plants are being used as alternatives for a similar feel.

The desire to be closer to nature also manifests through other “feel good” elements such as wood (especially in BC), cork, stone, clay, linen, lots of natural light, and muted, neutral greens. These materials also play into the trend of sustainability, which has become more important as people have become more conscious of the environment and the impact of what they put into their own spaces.


Modular Furniture


With the hybrid working model becoming more popular, employers have had to become more creative in the way that they utilize their space. Modular furniture, thus, has become a non-permanent solution, with its adaptability, flexibility, and portability. In the same vein, wall-plasters and coverings are becoming more visible as they are cost-effective ways of changing the way the office looks every so often.

Since offices are attempting to bring employees back, social, collaborative, and community spaces are becoming more important.

Creative dividers with more organic shapes, architecture geared towards comfort and uniqueness, tactile separation accessories such as tents, etc. are being favored. These are good not only from a health and safety perspective, but also give employees an option to customize their own space! Those that feel more comfortable working in a secluded, quiet place can be well-accommodated along with those who prefer more social, energizing working environments.




The professional world has finally had its reckoning with the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees, and the push for diversity and inclusion has led to companies asking for wellness amenities and better accommodations for people with disabilities. As a part of this, the lines between residential and commercial seem to become blurred, as employers are attempting to incorporate comfort into the workplace. Further, a shift towards more classic pieces that will not have to be replaced in the next five to seven years is being seen.

This look is being achieved by decorative fixtures that replicate a home-like feel, such as wall-sconces and hand-made décor. Curtains, for example, are being used as dividers—which have an especially domestic character and are a new concept in workspaces. This also plays into an idea of consistency, where people can easily transfer from home to office and back without too much of an adjustment.


Retro Nostalgia


In a departure from the residential look, another trend taking the professional workplace by storm is the retro and art-deco aesthetic. Hallmarks of this style include holographic details, unique color changing lights, and 90s inspired whimsical, loud pieces, such as glass block walls and neon signs.

These fun, quirky elements not only make the workplace more exciting, but also inspire innovation and collaboration. Creating spaces with bright colors and bold statements make the office a place where employees look forward to coming into work! If you are trying to create a young, dynamic ethos, this is the way to go.


Round Shapes and Muted Tones


To add a sense of softness and serenity, curved lines, rounded shapes, and de-saturated colors are becoming more and more visible at the workplace. These styles are said to have a positive impact on mood and productivity. We can see these in the form of arches, rounded, soft furniture and fixtures.

The muted shades are instrumental in creating a calm environment and alleviating anxiety. This is reflected in pantone’s color of the year, Peri, which “encourages personal inventiveness and Creativity.” We are probably going to see similar hues and accents everywhere.



As you can see, the overarching theme this year is comfort and familiarity. It has been an uncertain couple of years, and this has resulted in an unprecedented rise in stress-related mental health issues in people. Innovative and fun designs are a great way to attract the younger generation of employees. Now that people are returning to the office, providing them with a workspace that promotes their health and wellbeing is one excellent way to boost their morale, productivity, and creativity, and help them thrive both personally and professionally.

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