Pivvot Transforms How Canadian Companies Use the Office


Pivvot Transforms How Canadian Companies Use the Office

A thriving business begins with a flourishing culture. Culture guides our every interaction and behaviour. In an era of continued workplace evolution, it is imperative to preserve your business’s most important asset: your people.

So, how do we create a culture that people want to be a part of in an era of hybrid and remote work?

Introducing Pivvot

“We were able to confidently decide to move to a hybrid work model in our new head office, which I’m not sure how we would have done without Pivvot.” 

– Keri Fraser, Chief People Officer at Westland Insurance

The goal behind Pivvot is to put company culture, along with the needs of the business, at the forefront of data-driven decisions and bring clarity to your workspace. This brilliantly designed software program takes company data by assessment and workstyle personas to create a space that works for your organization and your staff. 

With Pivvot, you get a scientific data-driven approach that helps leaders make the right decisions impacting their office space in relation to how their people work best. Pivvot helps businesses maintain connections, collaborate, and solve problems efficiently, whether right next to each other or through a screen.

Pivvot facilitates leadership alignment that allows for ongoing scenario planning and evolved organizational thinking, rooted in the belief that the only constant is change. 

They are a team of space designers and thought leaders in operational agility, and they can help you understand spaces that work for your people. As businesses continue to transform post-pandemic, you can seek comfort in knowing that at the centre of your organization is an HQ as dynamic as you and your team. 

A Shift to Experience-Based Styles

Pivvot was born from the need to support dynamic teams with dynamic spaces. Employees who have gotten comfortable working from home are more hesitant about coming into the office full-time. Instead, they prefer to work from home a few days a week and in the office for a few days per week. This hybrid working environment has created a shift to experience-based working styles. 

Experience-based working is a working arrangement that allows each employee to work where they are the most productive but also meet the needs of the business. Employees can work in the office, at home, in cafes, or in co-working spaces. Furthermore, some Canadian companies are even incorporating these “co-working” spaces into their layouts so that staff can work in the office in an environment that promotes productivity. 

The shift to experience-based working has been increasing in popularity since the pandemic’s beginning. Many Canadian companies shifted to remote work, and now employees are still expecting the option to work from home rather than returning to the office. 

But how does EBW affect company culture and our workspace layout?

What Does the New Office Look Like?

The options you have for a new office layout are endless. Your primary goal when creating a new office layout is to curate a space that encourages collaboration and productivity. This type of environment will draw your employees back to the office, and soon your company culture will be thriving again. 

To stay relevant, companies will likely still need to offer remote working positions. Some companies have transformed – or started transforming – into a fully remote workplace. For employees who want this type of workstyle, your organization will also have to offer these options. 

My advice for now? Reach out to an expert on office design and workplace strategy to fully understand how the future of work could impact how your space would ideally be planned. You want to do this well in advance of your lease (i.e. 18-36 months) to be sure you have the right amount and type of space expectations. 

Every organization is different. Pivvot can help with your organization’s specific needs to create a thriving culture. By understanding the workstyle personas in your office, you can curate a space that works perfectly for your entire staff.

Learn more about Pivvot Strategy.

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