The Immersive Office: How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


The Immersive Office: How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


In Canada, Labor productivity decreased by 10.6% and by 2% during the third and fourth quarters of 2020. The global pandemic had serious effects on workplace productivity. This was especially true as people transitioned to working from home.

As people are beginning to work in the office again, it is important to learn how to increase productivity in the workplace. One way you can do this is by redesigning office space. 

Do you want to learn more about a workplace strategy to help you create a hybrid office that improves productivity? Keep reading this article for office design tips and tricks to create a productive and immersive workspace. 

Improve Lighting

One of the easiest changes you can make to improve your productivity is swapping out the lighting in your office space. This is something that can help your employees feel more focused and inspired while they are working. 

Plus, it can be better for your health! If you have harsh lighting, it can lead to headaches, eyestrain, and even depression. 

Instead, you should consider investing in natural light bulbs or using natural light when possible. 

Use Individual and Group Workspaces

Next, you should have many different types of workspaces. 

While open floorplans have been used for offices for years, they are not the best choice for productivity. They can make it difficult to focus and will increase distractions in the workplace. A simple workplace strategy you can use is to include both individual and group workspaces in your office. 

Having separate spaces for group and individual work is a design strategy that can greatly improve your productivity at work! It will allow you to collaborate when necessary while still making it possible to work quietly on your own. 

Create an Immersive Workspace

An immersive workspace allows businesses to combine a traditional corporate office with cutting-edge technology. This includes things like graphics-heavy industry software or even virtual reality. 

This makes it easier to interact with data, visuals, and multiple video streams at one time. These tools make it much easier to collaborate, especially if your office has some offsite personnel.

Creating an immersive workspace allows your office to be more interactive and allows your employees to brainstorm and collaborate more easily. 

Invest in Ergonomic Office Equipment

Many offices buy their equipment and supplies in bulk, which can help save money. However, these bulk supplies may not prioritize ergonomics for your employees. There are many simple changes you can make to immediately improve the ergonomics of your workstation. 

First, you can find ways to improve posture. You can do this with standing desks, adjustable chairs with lumbar support, and more! If you are constantly working on a computer, you should also make some adjustments to your display height and the positioning of your keyboard and mouse. 

When you invest in higher quality office supplies, your employees will be more comfortable while working in your office and will become more productive!

Choose the Right Room Temperature

The temperature in your office space may be something that is affecting your productivity. Even if you have a well-designed space, having it at the wrong temperature may negate these changes you make. 

Most offices keep the spaces cooler. However, studies show that warmer rooms actually help employees stay more productive!

Remove Clutter

Something that makes a huge difference to workplace productivity is the clutter in your space. If you and your employees have too much stuff on your desks, it may make it harder to focus on your daily tasks. 

While you cannot be in charge of the entire office space, you can keep your own space clean and encourage your employees to do the same. 

An interior designer can also help you find high-quality storage solutions. This way, you will have easy access to everything you need while keeping them filed and out of sight. 

Use Bright Colours

Something else that many interior design professionals recommend is using bright colours when decorating your office. If you use too many bland colours in your office design, like tan or grey, it can be a significant deterrent to productivity. 

When you use bright colours, they will act as a visual stimulus and can increase your employee’s creative thinking. 

You can incorporate bright colours in interesting artwork, paint, and even furnishings. 

If you want to encourage your employees to customize their own spaces, this is something that can help them feel more motivated to work and be productive as well. 

Hire a Design Company

Finally, you can get professional help with your office interior design. A professional company can help you design a unique workspace while prioritizing design features that can help you boost your productivity. 

They have the experience that you need to get the best results from your office design. Creating a well-planned workspace with a design company can help you get the most out of your workplace. 

If you are looking for a professional office interior design company to help boost your productivity, Aura can help

Learn How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace Today

Improving productivity in your office space is all about creating a space that people want to be in. Without using cutting-edge technology, you can still attract top talent and create a highly productive and immersive workspace. 

Do you want to learn how to increase productivity in the workplace? Aura can help! We are the leading workplace strategist and can help you build better productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. 

Our team can deliver design-build solutions for your office in Canada. Check out our blog for more office design articles about innovative workplace design!

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