The Wired Certification: A Magnet for Tech Talent


The Wired Certification: A Magnet for Tech Talent

Real estate investment firm CBRE released a recent study citing Vancouver as the #1 market for high-tech job growth over the last two years. It’s a good sign for the tech sector, but it’s also the catalyst for a few important questions concerning the centrality of digital services in the workplace. Internet and other means of digital connectivity are some of the most crucial necessities to any functioning workplace, and the ability for an office to take the highest advantage of these services can actually vary from building to building. So how can you best figure out the connectivity potential for your company’s location?

Fortunately, there’s the Wired Certification. A commercial real estate rating system instituted to address any issues and concerns about the internet and other wired services, the Wired Certification calculates a score for an individual building’s overall quality, including connectivity, flexibility, resiliency, ease of installation, and future-proofing.

Valid for a two-year period, commercial landlords and business owners will find many advantages in setting up a Wired Certification. Here are the benefits for both parties:


Why Landlords Should Consider the Wired Certification

The process of certifying a building for the Wired Certification is thoroughly effective, has a quick turnaround time (typically 45 to 60 days), and can create a number of advantages that building owners can capitalize on.

  • Tenants need to know that they’ll be able to rely on their connectivity infrastructure. The standards used by the Wired Certification are a widely understood base measurement that helps make clear just how well a building’s internet and phone connections are capable of running.
  • The tech industry prioritizes buildings with Wired Certification, as tech tenants are often becoming highly concentrated in certified buildings. Wired Certification can attract a high number of tenants in a competitive real estate market.
  • If a building isn’t fully outfitted to accommodate high-efficiency digital communication infrastructure, the process of improving it and upgrading a building’s certification level can be streamlined into the process.
  • Buildings with Wired Certification can receive higher rent, thanks in part to the cost overhead and real estate budgets of successful tech firms.


Why Business Owners Should Consider Office Space in a Building with Wired Certification

Aside from being a marketing point for your business, there are a few clear advantages to establishing or relocating your workplace somewhere with a Wired Certification.

  • Tech talent considers it a must. Whether you’re recruiting workers for an IT department or are a part of the tech sector itself, it’ll be far easier to recruit and retain tech workers if they’re confident and secure that they’ll be working with an effective and reliable digital infrastructure.
  • It will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Fewer service interruptions and technical difficulties mean less time and work lost.
  • It can save money over time. Certifying and future-proofing an easily upgradeable and expandable digital infrastructure can take the pressure off accounting for technological upheavals in long-term business plans, and stave off worries over obsolescence in the long run.


If you’re interested in learning more about how a Wired Certification can benefit your business, feel free to contact us for more info!

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