Bootlegger Clothing


A trusted Canadian denim and clothing company founded in 1971.



Bootlegger Clothing

A trusted Canadian denim and clothing company founded in 1971.

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“Aura was a breeze to work with from concept design right through to handing over the keys once the construction and furniture was complete. I’d highly recommend them!”

Sue Vovko, President

A longtime fixture in Vancouver, the corporate office of Canadian national denim wear chain Bootlegger was in the market for an update. Their needs were fairly straightforward: look good, look modern, stay on budget, and hit a tight deadline while fitting the company’s brand identity and office culture.

Guiding every step of the way

Aura guided Bootlegger through the entirety of the redesign and remodeling process, from using CAD and sample boards in creating early design visions to following up on construction to keep the visual update on-target and on time. With an open space concept and an actual storefront inside the office, Bootlegger’s updated HQ erased many of the unnecessary barriers between the corporate and the retail sides of the business, giving employees a very direct sense of what experiences they would be giving their customers. Clean lines guided the space’s “soft industrial” look, with bright white walls and cabinetry combining with wood-planked floors in hallways and common spaces to create a welcoming warmth. This simplicity was given unique flourishes like the multi-shaded yet naturalistic chevron design in the main entry hallway’s flooring and subtle yet immediately-visible blue-on-white branding on the walls.

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