Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization

Introducing senior management to a new, open, and collaborative work experience through change management and workplace straetgy. 

Aura met with a non-profit organization whose office space didn’t reflect its role in the tourism industry. The office, home to cubicles and many private offices had no sense of place, and was a poor match for its millennial staff who were ready to work in a more modern way. 

We used Workplace Strategy to analyze exactly how the space was being used and offered up a number of different scenarios. We moved on to change management to open up senior management’s eyes to the benefits of ditching the traditional office to enjoy a more open, social, and collaborative office space. To ensure there were no surprises with the design, we involved staff in the entire design process.

Aura successfully reduced the number of private offices from 20 down to 7. The new design welcomes more natural sunlight for all to enjoy, features a massive kitchen, and the addition of new meeting rooms and socialization areas. Not only did we modernize the whole look of the office, but we also brought a sense of place to the office using design elements from flooring to light fixtures that accurately reflect the West Coast feel of the city of Vancouver. 

Employees have reported a lift in their moods with more access to natural light, more spaces to enjoy conversations in, and a massive multipurpose kitchen area that brings them all together regularly. 

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