Our Blog

Check out our articles sharing our insights, tips and trends about the workplace experience.

Our Blog

Check out our articles sharing our insights, tips and trends about the workplace experience.

how to maximize employee experience

Innovative Workplaces: How FirstService Residential is Maximizing the Employee Experience.

Smart businesses recognize that people are at the heart of their success - when companies put employees first, staff are ...
hospitality inspired office design

Introducing Hospitality Design Into The Workplace

The hospitality industry is recognized for its exceptional focus on the client experience. Throughout the last century, the industry has ...
clyde and co office design

Revitalizing a Vancouver Law Firm: Enhancing Productivity and Growth Through Redesign

The Company Clyde & Co is a global law firm providing a complete service to clients in its core sectors ...
fighting employee burnout through office redesign

Fighting Employee Burnout Through Office Design

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, employee burnout has become a significant concern for employees and organizations. Addressing this ...
office interior design - commute worthy workplace

Designing a Commute-Worthy Workplace

Is your office environment worth leaving the house? In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, employees have come to expect more ...
psychology of commuting

The Psychology of Commuting: Why it may not be all bad

The way we work has changed. Several aspects of work today differ significantly from just three years ago. The transition ...
graymont office - design and build by aura

Designing For The Hybrid Work Environment

The Company Graymont is a global leader in lime and limestone solutions. Professionally managed and family-owned, the company has been ...
Workplace data

Workplace Data Analytics: Building a functional and Informed Workspace

While designing an office space requires a high level of creativity, data and analysis are just as important. Going beyond ...
Aura wins Silver A' Design Award

Aura wins Silver A’ Design Award

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that Aura has received a Silver A 'Design Award in the Interior Space ...
office planning in uncertain times

TenantTalks Recap: Office Planning in Uncertain Times

On April 4th, 2023, Aura partnered with TenantTalks to host: Office Planning in Uncertain Times. This in-person panelist discussion focused on how ...
Community Impact: Positively Impacting People

Community Impact: Positively Impacting People

  At the center of every company is a purpose and vision, driven by a set of core values   ...
Company Culture

Fostering and Sustaining Company Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

A healthy and robust company culture is the cornerstone of a strong business. Employees enjoy higher levels of well-being and ...

Comprehensive Guide For Decision Makers

Get a clear and easy guide understanding “Key Considerations Before Signing A Commercial Lease” and make the best choice for your business.