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Check out our articles sharing our insights, tips and trends about the workplace experience.

Our Blog

Check out our articles sharing our insights, tips and trends about the workplace experience.

PayByPhone Office

Hybrid Office Solutions: The Collaborative Hub

The Company PayByPhone, a global tech company serving 60 million users worldwide, tapped Aura to help revamp its headquarters in ...
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Collaboration and Performance

TenantTalks Recap: Maximizing Team Collaboration and Performance in an Evolving, Modern Workplace

We hosted the latest edition of our TenantTalks in-person events on November 1st, 2022, Maximizing Team Collaboration and Performance in ...
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International Perspective: Interview with Interior Designer Camille Obianyor

When a workplace is designed with branded elements in mind, it can give the office a distinct identity, remind employees ...
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Destination Office

Transforming your Office from Workplace to Destination

A fundamental shift is underway. For decades, offices have been the undisputed default location for work. However, for the first ...
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Workplace Mental Health

Workplace Mental Health: How to Create a Psychologically Healthy Space

Employees are a company's greatest asset. An organization prospers when its staff is psychologically healthy. However, when employees are not ...
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office lighting

WorkSpace Solutions: Office Lighting

There are several factors to consider when planning an office renovation. The most significant factor when it comes to remodeling ...
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stipulated sum contract

Understanding Construction Contracts: Stipulated Sum vs Cost-Plus

Construction contracts are quite complex and can sometimes cause confusion among clients. There are many factors to consider when deciding ...
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Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery: Everything you Need to Know

Through a unified team and comprehensive approach, Aura brings workplace visions to life through our integrated method that combines strategy, ...
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return to work

Return to Work: How to Attract Staff Back to the Office

In June of 2021, 5 million Canadians reported working from home due to the pandemic deterring their daily work life ...
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hybrid office

Optimizing the Hybrid Office

Comparing today's workplace to that of twenty years ago, the office looks vastly different. Workplace design constantly evolves to meet ...
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employee expectations

Employee Expectations are Changing. Are you Ready?

The workforce landscape has fundamentally changed, and people are beginning to rethink their relationship with the workplace, as well as ...
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Design Director

From East To West: An Interview With Design Director Veronica De Verneuil

Workplace design can encompass a wide range of styles and given Canada has one of the largest geographical masses, there ...
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